Help Volty – An Electrifying Puzzle Adventure

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Unique puzzle experience | Immersive, engaging, and challenging | Brilliant design

No the most replay | 12 levels go by too quickly

The App Store is an exhibition of creativity with more and more titles delivering quite unique experiences. Help Volty is another in the line of challenging and intriguing puzzle games where you don’t know what to expect going in. Games like Year Walk, Little Inferno, Windosill, Waking Mars, Nihilumbra, and more offer such innovative puzzle adventures that don’t spoon feed you solutions, and Help Volty delivers a similar idea. The game doesn’t feature a single menu, pop-up, tutorial, or bit of text, and instead you simply have to explore to figure out what to do.

The game starts off when you uncover a peddler with an odd wooden box, and inside sits Volty, a Beetle strapped with an electric harness. Your goal is to help Volty escape each predicament with 12 unique boxes to solve. Each box presents a unique challenge, though all require using the beetle’s electrical power to unlock the secrets. There are no true indicators of what to do, so part of the enjoyment of the game is simply starring at the layout of the box, and try to figure out what you’re trying to accomplish.

The developers have done a great job of crafting each puzzle around the unique capabilities of the iPad as most of the puzzles require multiple fingers on screen at once. As you advance, you come across other smaller bugs to aid you as well as larger bugs with their own mechanical apparatuses to avoid. Passing each puzzle is quite rewarding, and there’s a neat life system where you need coins to unlock the next level, and you have to earn them. To round out the finely crafted puzzle experience there are absolutely gorgeous visuals as though you’re actually looking at the wooden box filled with bugs and gears. The only problem is that it would be nice to see more than 12 levels of such a great style, and there’s not the greatest replay factor.

Help Volty ($1.99, iPad) is a mysterious adventure that is such an intriguing, and challenging iPad experience that you can get so wrapped up in thanks to the beautifully crafted nature of the puzzles, and visuals. Help Volty is a should buy for a brand new puzzle adventure brimming with style.


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