Heroes of Loot 2 – Action Packed For A Party Of Two

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Dungeons are one of the most dangerous places in video games with so many different creatures to defeat in dungeons all around. Heroes of Loot 2 is a new action paced dungeon crawler that follows in the footsteps of its predecessor to emphasize fast paced destruction through various dungeons. The sequel doubles the action by giving you a party of two to use as you descend from floor to floor. You can have one long range unit as a mage or elf, and one close combat unit as a valkyrie or warrior. Each character has their own style that ties into quests that you need to complete to clear each floor.
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Heroes of Loot 2 isn’t entirely endless, but it does have a long path for your to make your way through. The dungeons are randomly generated each time you play, but there’s a set number to make it through to reach the final boss. At the outset, it feels a bit endless because every15 cleared dungeons isn’t even a quarter of the way to go, and you will die often. As you play, you will become more familiar with how to play, and come across perma-items that are magical spells tied to your characters to strengthen them from the outset. If you do die during your dungeon crawl, you will lose any upgrades earned during your run outside of the perma-items, and restart back at dungeon one.

The gameplay is what truly stands out in Heroes of Loot 2 with a ton of action on screen as you visit each room on a given floor. You will need to tap the attack button a whole lot to battle back tons of enemies. Each character has their own advantages, and you can switch between the two in your party at will. The game does feel like a bit of a button masher at times with the single attack button. There’s also a lot of darkness, and it seems you can miss what actually killed you at times. That’s part of the challenge, but it would be nice if the instant death dangers were a little clearer as compared to just losing your health from the overwhelming number of enemies. It would be nice to have a little more hold over from round to round to offer greater incentive to keep playing, as the initial dungeons feel a bit more bland after a few runs.

Heroes of Loot 2 ($1.99, Universal) is an action packed dungeon crawler that has wide appeal for the genre, and is well worth picking up.

$1.99, Universal


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