Hitman GO – Assassinating Preconceived Notions For Good

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

A brand new experience | Ornately designed | Keeps you coming back

Levels have a specific path to follow | Levels aren't that complex | Some tediousness


Hitman is known for intense assassination action with stealth gameplay, and third person kills. The game is now on iOS as Hitman GO, and it’s unlike any other Hitman before, by offering a puzzle set-up. Judging the game comes down to your expectations going in, so if you’re looking for a 3D action adventure Hitman game, then you will be disappointed, but if you have an open mind, you may be pleasantly surprised. Hitman GO is fashioned after 1950s style board games, as each level presents a model construction kit to interact with. The game revolves around fixed paths to slide on with a turn based set-up where you move Agent 47, and then the enemies respond, with all moving across the fixed paths.
It’s a completely unexpected twist that is intricately well designed to really stand on its own merits. Every single level presents a unique challenge that emphasizes the stealth component of the franchise. Your goal is to position Agent 47 to get the drop on enemies, and there’s a subtle connection to Chess. Each level offers a game board set-up where every single move plays a key component in your success, or failure. You will need to think a few moves ahead, and understand the patterns of the enemies, as well as the potential moves you can make. Rather then a free flowing action adventure set-up, you’re given a game that requires contemplation since you move at your own pace, taking it one turn at a time.

As you advance through the levels, you gain access to disguises, distractions, secret passageways, and more to use to your assassin’s advantage. It’s a whole different way to play a stealth based game, and there’s quite a bit of challenge involved. The paths of the enemies are designed to frustrate you, and it seems that each level is a self contained diorama to create a ton of variety. One problem is that it seems there’s one right way to complete a level, and that belief is reinforced by the power-ups that show a particular path to follow. Also, the levels aren’t that complex, and there’s some tediousness in some of the layouts. One of the ultimate highlights of the experience is the craftsmanship applied to each, and every level. There’s so much detail in every single scene from the building interiors to the bases of each piece on the board.
Part of the enjoyment of the game is just opening up each new level to see the new model scene. It’s unlike anything else in the App Store, and the visuals are just the polished outer layer on top of a great puzzle mechanic, regardless of the name. All of the different elements combine together to entice you to go from level to level in quite a rewarding experience. There are also three objectives per level, which offer unique challenges, and add to the replay factor. You can’t help, but appreciate all that went into creating a completely unique experience that absolutely shines on iOS devices.

Hitman GO ($4.99, Universal) uses the pedigree to get people in the door, but the gameplay is what will keep them coming back, making it a should buy.


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