Home – A Unique Horror Adventure: A Creepy Mystery

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

A really intriguing story | Immersive experience throughout | High quality design

On the short side | Could use more puzzle items, than just interactive storybook


Story telling can be a lost art, no matter the medium, but Home is a game that attempts to deliver “a unique horror adventure”. Home is all about creating an experience, and it sets the stage with your character waking up in a strange house with no idea how he got there. From that point on, you guide the character forward trying to figure out how he ended up in that place. In the opening seconds, you come across a dead body, and soon it turns into a murder mystery with bits and pieces to uncover behind every door. The heart of the game harkens back to the days of text based adventures, and any such game relies heavily on the included storyline.
Home tells quite a tale that will completely immerse you as you try to figure out how all of the little pieces come together. There’s so much to explore starting from the strange house, and then into the sewers, and out into the forest, with each area offering multiple forking pathways. You don’t want to advance forward without hitting every new section of the game because there are so many clues to help unravel the tale. The entire storyline is extremely well crafted to make you care to the point that your senses are heightened by the conclusion. It’s expert story telling that is taken a step further by giving the player the ability to help determine the outcome based on what you uncover. There are a number of items that you can choose to collect or leave, and each decision has a greater impact.

The entire app is designed in such a way that the story changes as you play, albeit subtly, to reflect your changing perspective as you uncover various items. The ideas presented are more about understanding your character, and the mysteries that abound with him. Everything pushes you to the ending, and it’s left open ended allowing you to draw your own conclusions on what was just presented. It’s great to see such a well made story on iOS that you just want to reflect on once you finish, and even potentially go back and play again to try to uncover something you may have missed. All of it is presented through a stylized pixel art world that just gives you a flashlight orb of the world at any given time. Each piece of the app has to be taken collectively as it creates an immersive experience that makes you care about all that is involved. It is definitely on the short side, but that time spent is memorable.

Home – A Unique Horror Adventure ($2.99, Universal) is definitely unique, but more creepily intriguing rather than horror based. Nonetheless, it’s quite an experience to take part in that is definitely worth the price of admission.


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