Horizon Chase World Tour – Speeding Into The Past

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Fast paced arcade racing fun | Great sense of speed | Outstanding design

Races play out similarly | Opponents don't shift position, and are simply there to be passed

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Start your engines, and race into the past with the new arcade racing game Horizon Chase – World Tour. The game is fashioned after the classic arcade racing games of the 80s and early 90s, but updated for today’s standards. The major emphasis of Horizon Chase is the arcade nature allowing you to jam down the accelerator, and never let go as you speed through curves and past opponents. This isn’t a realistic racing experience in which you need to break and ease into curves to handle the momentum and grip of your car, and instead you can drift by simply holding on the right or left button.
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Horizon Chase launches with eight cups in 32 cities that feature 73 different tracks to race on. There are great backdrops to each race, and there are also different day/night and weather conditions with accurate lighting to match. One of the highlights of Horizon Chase is the art style with a 3D polygon set-up that calls back to the 16-bit era, but with all new depth and polish. It’s great to see the environments as you speed past with distinct colors and details that are still noticeable. That classic arcade style is still presents with the way the road and surroundings move along, and it’s simply enhanced with new styling that pops. There’s also a top notch soundtrack that fits the speedy gameplay, art style, and classic arcade pedigree.

The best part of classic arcade games is the speed, and that’s the area that Horizon Chase truly nails. There’s a great sense of speed as you whizz past trees and opponents, and see the lines on the roadway go by. The tracks are also set-up with great curves and subtle rises and falls that can hide what’s upcoming next until right when you’re upon it. Every race features 20 cars, and your goal is to pass your 19 opponents on your way to the finish. It’s tons of fun to shift lanes and slide past opponents, though each race does stagger the opponents, so that after you pace the first few, it’s usually one at a time on your way to the top. Each race sets up similarly, so that all 19 opponents have some gaps in between, and there’s little switching of position, and instead it’s all about passing. It’s still plenty engaging as you weave through opponents, and any collision sets you back to make it that much tougher to get to first.

Horizon Chase ($2.99, Universal) delivers an exhilarating racing experience for iOS that makes for a must have title.

$2.99, Universal


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