Horn – A Next Level Grand Scale Adventure

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

An extremely deluxe adventure | Outstanding graphical design | Balances battles, puzzle, & discovery

Battles are a bit repetitive | Touch to move is tedious | Some hesitations between segments

The standard of iOS gaming is ever increasing with the likes of Infinity Blade 2, N.O.V.A. 3, Dead Trigger, and Dark Meadow. Horn is the newest technologically advanced game coming from the makers of Dark Meadow, and published by Zynga, and reminiscent of Infinity Blade 2. You play as a boy named Horn trapped in a far away land who needs to battle through mechanical monsters to find his way home. The mechanical monsters are huge, and as you progress through battles you unlock a very interesting storyline regarding how the mechanical monsters are actually a new form of the living life forms Horn knew.

Horn is a third person action adventure game that provides battles against huge enemies where you dodge their attacks, and then swipe to perform your own attacks. The basic style has been seen before, but Horn takes it up a notch by providing a more free flowing feel. During battles, you can dodge and attack right in succession regardless of what your opponent is doing, which we haven’t really seen before. Typically, the opponent does their series of attacks, and then you get to respond, but not in Horn. Also, when you’re moving about the world you can go where you want, rather than having a more fixed path movement.

The one thing we have seen before that is maintained, and subtly enhanced is a deluxe 3D graphics engine with amazing design of the environments and characters. The scale of the mechanical beasts you battle is tremendous, and the background environments and animations are really well detailed. It’s great to see this game in motion as you run, dodge, attack, leap across gaps, use a grappling hock, and interact with the environment. The fantasy world is expansive as well, which leads to a very lengthy adventure across very different settings. One of the best parts is that there’s so much content that you will actually want to go through with the engaging storyline and gameplay.

The entire game is set-up for a grand adventure that provides balanced sequences of action, puzzle, and discovery. The fighting sequences are a bit repetitive as you’re either tapping to dodge or swiping to attack, but there’s a nice difficulty curve. The game is packed with content and adventure, but sadly it does stumble along the way. There are slight hesitations when transferring between cut scenes and gameplay, and there are also instances when your character can get stuck. The movement control may be the biggest problem as you tap where you want to move, and it becomes tedious with moving the camera.

Horn ($6.99, Universal) is a grand scale iOS adventure that pushes the platform forward, and takes adventure games to the next level. The game isn’t without its hiccups, but there’s nothing to take away from all of the great aspects involved. Phosphor Games has done a great job of building upon their exceptional first effort Dark Meadow, to deliver the most deluxe game of 2012 thus far.

Horn is a must buy that leaps to one of the best games on the platform which is an excellent addition to your iOS device.


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