Hundreds – Adding Up To A Great iOS Experience

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Such intricate puzzle gameplay | Every level is unique | Super polished design | Throughly engaging

Can be a bit frustrating | Cipher puzzles offer no clues | Not the most depth

One of the best parts of the App Store is coming across new apps where you’re not exactly sure what to expect. Hundreds is one such app, and it’s based on a simple premise as you simply need to tap on the floating circles to try to add up to 100 points. You begin with just a couple of circles, and then you start dealing with all kinds of complexities in each of the 100 puzzles included. As the circles increase in score, they also increase in size, and if the circles collide when you’re touching one, then you lose.

There’s a surprisingly simple mechanic that gets nice and complex as you go on with moving circles, spinning blades, fixed points, instant death circles, freeze circles, time based circles, and more. Until you play the game, you can’t imagine how difficult it is with 20 circles bouncing around the screen that can be reset when hitting a blade, lose score over time, and of course just collide when they’re glowing red as you’re touching them. Every single one of the 100 puzzles offers a unique challenge that can surely frustrate, but offer a nice reward upon completion. The best part is that you unlock 10 levels at a time, so if you get truly stuck you can always skip a level to come back later.

The game offers an idea similar to the classic JezzBall as you need to keep increasing the size, while having less and less space to maneuver. There’s just so much challenge, and the game requires a constantly changing strategy whether it’s multi-touch versus rapid single taps or speed versus patience. Every single aspect of the game is about balance, and split second reactions of tapping or letting go will determine success and failure.

There’s so much going on that precision is essential, and there are silky smooth multi-touch controls, and the game really makes you appreciate your iPad’s touch screen. The game also features highly polished minimalistic graphics that really emphasize clean space, and jarring failures. If all of this wasn’t enough, there are also coded messages that need a cipher to solve.

Hundreds ($4.99, Universal) is an outstanding puzzle game that is perfectly made for touch to deliver some thrilling action making it a must buy.


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