Hungry Shark World – Chowing Down For Fun

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Fun shark carnage | Engaging upgrade system | High quality design

Style can be a bit repetitive, especially if familiar with the series | A bit of a grind

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Hungry Shark originally launched back in 2010, and since then has seen multiple spin-offs. Future Games of London launched the original game, and since then Ubisoft has acquired the franchise. Now, there’s Hungry Shark World, which maintains what made the original so popular, and infuses it with numerous additions and refinements. The heart of the game is to take control of a shark, swim around, and eat anything you can to fight off starvation. The sea is filled with shark delicacies, but there are tons of bad things including jellyfish, toxic waste, armed deep sea divers, and of course bigger sharks.
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Hungry Shark World first and foremost delivers an all new graphics engine that truly looks outstanding with the water physics at the surface, and creature design underwater. There’s so much detail to enjoy as you munch on various types of sea life. The game presents an open world set-up that allows you to swim wherever you like, though some areas are friendlier than others. There are rotating missions to eat specific items, survive for a set amount of time, or swim a certain distance to give you specifics to aim for. You can also collect a letter of “hungry” to unlock a special mode in which your shark grows three times in size, and can eat anything for a short duration. The game is an endless high score challenge, and there are various types of bonuses, multipliers, and score enhancers.

The “World” in the title is connected to three distinct locations with the Pacific Island, Arctic Ocean, and Arabian Sea to swim in. Each one is quite expansive with multiple types of area to explore including a sunken ship, secret military base, volcano, harbor, and even a resort swimming pool. Each round is endless, but there’s an overarching upgrade set-up that allows you to improve your current shark as well as work towards unlocking 17 different types of sharks. You can unlock larger sharks that can munch on bigger creatures, and take out some entities that were problematic for your smaller shark. Every survival run through the open ocean helps you level up to unlock new sharks, and consequently survive longer and explore new areas. There’s a nice lasting appeal of the game with the shark upgrade structure.
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Hungry Shark World is free to play, and yet the freemium mechanics are all relatively optional. You can continue a run with a video ad, or in-game currency, and you can upgrade your sharks and unlock new locations quicker with the premium currency. You can unlock new sharks at a relatively smooth pace just in the course of playing. The best part is that there’s no energy meter, so you can play as many times as you want, and in doing so you will unlock new sharks and areas. This new version doesn’t reinvent the wheel, and instead just improves upon the formula with more incentive to replay. It’s easy to control the shark, and always fun to munch on a wide assortment of creatures, while always trying to balance your health meter.

Hungry Shark World (Free, Universal) is a tasty underwater adventure that is well worth picking up.

Free, Universal


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