Hyperburner – Does It Speed Ahead Of App Store Competition?

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Highly enjoyable piloting | Toughtful level structure | Smooth touch controls | Great 3D design

Endless mode can blend together a bit | Can be overly familiar

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Get ready to pilot through obstacle filled 3D tunnels in Hyperburner. We have seen 3D tunnel based fliers before, and we will see them again. This genre of games comes down to structure, controls, and design. Hyperburner seems to understand this by delivering six zones with five levels each with the ability to replay any level in an endless fashion at normal or double speed. Many of these games stumble due to a purely endless nature, but Hyperburner gives you a focused and challenging level structure to complete before giving you the endless set-up. Also, you get 30 different endless variations with each zone offering a significantly unique layout.
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A number of 3D tunnel fliers have a control scheme that is serviceable, but can still hamper the experience. That is not the case for Hyperburner, as it truly lets you control the ship with precision. You simply drag your finger around the lower left corner of the screen, and you can dip and rise and slide side to side with ease. The controls get out of the way to let you maneuver through the challenging stretches in the various levels. There’s also a smooth system so that you’re really banking from side to side as compared to some of the other games with jagged motion.

At first glance, you can tell that Hyperburner is a gorgeous 3D game for iOS. The design makes the game that much more immersive as you weave through all of the included obstacles. Hyperburner nails the main concerns of the 3D tunnel genre, and goes beyond that. The main takeaway is that the game is simply enjoyable to precisely maneuver through well thought out course layouts. It’s simply a great all around experience that will keep you coming back, and wanting to tell others about. Each zone stands by itself, and again it’s so nice to have a structured end as well as an endless option. The endless mode can blend together a bit with a similar layout for each run on a given level.

Hyperburner ($2.99, Universal) delivers an immersive and engaging iOS experience that is a must have title.

$2.99, Universal


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