iDinobook: Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs – Amazing

4.5 Overall Score
Usability: 4.5/5
Design: 5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Amazing presentation | Such deluxe and detailed interesting information

Virtually flawless | Could use more extended dinosaurs

The dinosaurs were completely extinct millions of years before the first human even existed. There is sill a wealth of information to learn and discover about dinosaurs, and the app iDinobook: Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs may just be the best way to explore all of the information. As soon as you launch the app, you’ll be blown away by just how much information there is. There are over 200 different dinosaurs included, with each one containing detailed pages and images.

No matter what information is included, the use of an app depends on how easy it is to access all of the info. The interface of iDinobook is superb by giving you a file and desk theme. There is scrollable file list on the left, and on the right there are various images, and sheets arranged. The app makes it feel like you grabbed a file, and then placed all of the items out on your desk to explore. It’s so easy to move between all of the articles, which keeps you attached to the app, and discovering new dinosaurs.

The app says it’s ideal for kids, and it definitely is, but that does’t mean it’s any less appealing for adults. There is just so much depth to the app, and anyone can learn quite a bit of information about the various dinosaurs. You’re given the basic details on the main page of each dinosaur including its size, where it lived, and when it lived. When you flip the page you get a number of paragraphs about the dinosaur, just like you would expect from an encyclopedia.

There are also special extended sections for ten of the dinosaurs which gives you a zoomable image as well as the ability to see its footsteps, and hear how it sounded. You can also view an x-ray version of the dinosaur, and compare it to current animals or other extended dinosaurs. Every dinosaur has a few high resolution images of artist renderings and actual skeletons. You can sort all of the dinosaurs alphabetically, based on weight, height, time period, or eating habits.

If that wasn’t enough there is also a map view letting you tap on any part of the globe, and seeing which dinosaurs lived there. In the map view, everything is sorted based on country or state to let you drill down exactly where the dinosaurs have been discovered. After learning about some of the dinosaurs you can take a quiz to see how much you actually retained. Maybe the best aspect of the app is that it’s virtually flawless in its presentation of all the dinosaur facts.

The iDinobook: Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs ($1.99, iPhone / $4.99 iPad) is one of the most amazing apps available in the App Store. There is a ton of extremely interesting information, and it’s all delivered with such a touch friendly interface. The iDinobook app will appeal to any iOS device user, no matter the age, or interest in Dinosaurs. You will become a fan of Dinosaurs after just a few minutes using this app.

iDinobook: Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs ($1.99 -> Free, iPhone / $3.99, iPad) is a must buy for the purchase price, and one of the best iOS apps you can have. The iPhone version is free for a limited time.


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