Impossible Road – The Short And Winding Road

1.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 1.5/5
Design: 2/5
Duration: 1/5

High quality minimalistic design | Risk/reward inclusion | High on challenge

Extremely shallow game | No benefits for the player | No incentive to keep playing


There’s nothing like the classic arcade simplicity of yesteryear that couldn’t rely on any fancy additions, and instead had to focus on gameplay. Impossible Road is a minimalistic arcade racer that provides you with a stark white world with a single blue track spiraling down into oblivion. Your goal is to simply ride the road with a white ball for as long as possible with simple controls of touching either side of the screen. The track is shaped like a roller coaster with hair-pin turns, drops, bends, jumps, and more, but without rails to make it an extreme challenge to stay on the road.
The one major twist of Impossible Road is you don’t have to stay on the road to gain success. You can fly off the track, and try to land on a section later on, to essentially “cheat” the game, and it’s designed for you to do so. It’s similar to the penguin track in Super Mario 64. The game is scored by passing gates, and you get the same 25 point score whether you drive through 25 consecutive gates, or drive off the road, and simply drive through the 25th gate. It’s quite a risk/reward challenge, although most of the time when you fly off the track won’t be your doing. The game is simply difficult, frustratingly so to the point that you’re flying off the track after just a few seconds of each race.

The main problem with Impossible Road is that there are just no elements that benefit the player. The game would be improved greatly with magnetism to the road, a limited brake option, or less bounciness. If you try to leap to a road section further down, it’s nearly impossible to catch on because the ball bounces to extreme levels. The jumping feature is also limited because you only have a few seconds to catch on to the track, which is an odd limitation, which prevents big jumps. Sometimes, you can bounce off the track so high, that you don’t come back down within the time limit, ending a run. The gameplay just isn’t balanced very well, and that’s not even the biggest issue. Minimalism isn’t an understatement, as this may be one of the simplest games I’ve come across. There’s a randomly generated road each time, but you’re still doing the same thing over, and over again with no incentive to keep pounding your head against the wall.

Impossible Road ($1.99, Universal) is impossible to recommend with extremely shallow, and frustrating gameplay making it one to steer clear of.


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One Comment on "Impossible Road – The Short And Winding Road"

  1. Frost May 17, 2013 at 6:06 PM -

    I really like this one, no game so frustrating as this one keep me coming back to before

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