Incoboto – A Unique iOS Experience That Really Shines

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Intricate gameplay with plenty of level variation | Such engaging nature | Beautiful design

Could use some more levels | Jumping can be a problem from time to time

There is so much potential in iOS gaming from the touch screen to the creativity of small developers. Incoboto is a new game that looks to be full of potential by introducing a unique game experience, and the game comes from the maker of Flaboo. In Incoboto, you play as Inco living in a futuristic galaxy that has burnt out suns. There seems to be only one sun left, Helios, and it has come to Inco to be fed. Now you get to set off on a puzzle platformer set in space where you’re out to collect Starpieces to feed to the sun to try to relight the black suns, and save the galaxy.

Each level presents a few small planets to travel between, and you’ll end up using gravity beams, jetpacks, grappling hooks, teleports and more to travel between planets. You get to walk around each planet trying to figure out the given puzzle to advance to the next planet in a layout similar to Super Mario Galaxy as well as Soosiz and Magnetic Baby on iOS. The game is more puzzle as compared to those as you need to connect electrical posts, toss rocks at switches, and uncover hidden areas to figure out the way forward.

Every single level offers a unique layout and challenge, and there’s just so many different ways to interact with the environment throughout the game. This is the type of game where once you get started you’ll want to complete, and it’s such an engaging journey. There’s a mystery based storyline as well, and there are so many parts that work together to make such an enjoyable experience. The design is off the charts with such beautiful and intricate details to every object on screen. There’s also a very smooth and intuitive control scheme to let you focus on figuring out the path through the galaxy.

Incoboto ($2.99, iPad) connects with the user like very few games, and creates such a wonderfully engrossing journey through the stars. Incoboto is a must buy that really shines as an App Store gem.


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