Incredipede – Creating An Organic Contraption

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

The hard mode is the stand out | Great idea implementation | High quality art design

Some levels can be tedious | Controls aren't touch centric


It’s incredible the ideas that independent game developers can come up with, and Incredipede is a great example. The game lets you interact with a unique being, known as an Incredipede, who can grow new arms, and legs to help it out in tough situations. The result is a puzzle platformer, where you have a unique entity to control in every single level. There are over 120 levels through three worlds that introduce water, falling blocks, gaps, lava, and wind to contend with. You never know what the next level will hold, and part of the enjoyment is the extreme variability. You will spend a few seconds at the beginning of each level just taking in the unique Incredipede, and the level set-up.
Each level relies on collecting specific items while moving to the finish line, and you will need to use the Incredipede’s particular set-ups to your advantage. Each Incredipede set-up includes a set of limbs, and muscles with red, and purple muscles providing power to move in opposite directions. The base gameplay is set-up like Fantastic Contraption, or Bad Piggies with the various powered parts working together. There is a level editor, as well as a single Sandbox layout, but the main game of 120 levels gives you an already made Incredipede, and you just move it around. At first glance, it seems like the game force feds you the solutions, but it instead just gives you a precursor in what to expect. There’s also hard mode, which lets you replay the same 120 levels, but this time slowly introducing the ability to customize your own Incredipede. You can drag out the limbs, change up the direction of the muscles, and make your own organic contraption to reach the end. Hard mode, is a lot more engaging, and allows for continuous fine tune tweaking.

It’s quite extraordinary to see the various Incredipede layouts, and how unique each level plays out. There are Incredipedes with two limbs or eight limbs, set-ups with limb based wheels, designs with circular movement patterns, and so many more. All of the various Incredipedes and worlds are delivered exquisitely as well thanks to an ornate hand drawn art style. It’s simply a well designed experience, except for the controls which are stuck from the PC counterpart of the game. You end up tapping one of two buttons to move left, or right, but it can become quite frustrating as it’s not intuitive in any regard. Also, there are numerous levels that require very tedious movement on your part, and there are a lot of stiff trivialities to deal with. Those are the exception, not the norm though, and there’s a lot to enjoy through the 120 level journey.

Incredipede ($1.99, Universal) is a unique iOS gaming experience that is worth the price of admission for some engaging puzzle platforming action.


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