Indiana Stone – Chasing The Temple Runner

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Four distinct game modes | Flips the genre around | Great design & controls

Relatively repetitive | Story mode set-up is tedious

We all know the iconic scene from Indiana Jones where he runs from the huge boulder, and we’re rooting for the hero. Imagine if the tables were flipped, and you got to play as the boulder? That’s the case in Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder, where you control the huge rock, and try to chase down the treasure hunter before he escapes. It’s a complete change of pace for the endless runner genre as you’re always the one being chased, but now you get to be the chaser. The best part is that Indiana Stone is so much more than an endless game with true depth rarely seen in the genre.

Indiana Stone is part endless runner, and part adventure with four game modes, which include story, challenge, QuickRoll, and endless. The main story features five environments to roll through with actual conclusions to each section, and an end to the story. There’s always the endless mode for you to enjoy after the story, and QuickRoll mode offers a fast paced endless variant. Challenge mode provides specific goals in particular environments to change up the rolling nature. They all combine to give you plenty of variety to keep you rolling time after time.

You control the boulder with very precise tilt controls, and you can also tap to jump over obstacles. To amp up the action, there are other enemies to run over, which can fill your Pow meter for a brief unstoppable assault on the treasure hunter. As an extra bonus there are speed boost rings scattered about, and you can keep track of your speed with the rush meter in the upper left. It’s an action packed thrill ride letting you play as the villain, with all of the power in your hand. It feels great to finally track down the treasure hunter, and it’s a game that is so enjoyable each time you start your roll. To round out the package, there are highly stylized 3D 8-bit graphics to add charm to the rolling experience.

Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder ($2.99, Universal) effortlessly stands out in a crowded App Store, and should roll right on to your iOS device.


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