Infestor – Infesting Your iOS Device For Good

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Great level design | Engaging gameplay style | Top notch retro style

Levels are a bit simplistic | Not too much variation

Ravenous Games has become the go to name when it comes to retro inspired and stylized platformers for iOS. Infestor is their latest following League of Evil, Beatdown, and Random Heroes. The difference with Infestor is that it’s a puzzle platformer, and you play as a little green slime ball that can infest any human on screen. Each human has their own special abilities, and you need to infest them at the right times to complete the given level.

Across each of the 60 levels, there are new humans and obstacles introduced, but you can always feel the great elements of League of Evil, and the other Ravenous titles. The same pixel perfect virtual touch controls are there to precisely move about the screen. Unlike their other games, there are no time levels or scoring system, and instead every level is based on completion like a puzzle game. Rather than just blasting forward full steam ahead, you want to look ahead to get a feel for what’s required in a given level.

The various human skills work together so sometimes you will need to jump higher, push boxes, use weapons, or unlock gates. You can infest the humans by simply tapping a single button, and then leave their body with the same button for an extra high jump to reach tougher platforms. The level design is sharp for a nice challenge which perfectly embodies the retro nature of the game, and art style. Speaking of the design, the same high quality bit graphics, and chip tunes are included to round out a worthwhile iOS game.

Infestor ($0.99, Universal) nails everything it sets out to do to provide a top notch iOS puzzle platformer that is worth your time and money.


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