Infinity Blade III – The Culmination Of The Best Of iOS Gaming?

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Expansive worlds | Deluxe graphics | Engaging storyline | Tons of content

Repetitive battle sequences | Could use gameplay variations | Just more, not new


The culmination of the Infinity Blade saga is upon us with Infinity Blade III, which is the biggest version of the series. Infinity Blade has been a stand out on the iOS platform since it launched back in December of 2010, and Infinity Blade II was highlighted at the iPhone 4S event, and now Infinity Blade III was shown off at the iPhone 5S event. The series has improved by leaps and bounds, right alongside the rapid advancements in iOS devices, and that’s no more apparent than in Infinity Blade III. The one consistency has been intense sword combat made for touch, and that also continues the third time around.
Infinity Blade III is the conclusion to a storyline that has evolved considerably since its humble beginnings to the point that you want to play through the game to reach the story’s end. You get to play as Siris with a new ally in the stealth female character Isa, and together they team up with the God-King Raidriar as a last ditch effort to defeat the Worker of Secrets, and his army of deathless titans. That sets the stage for all new battles, but on a much larger scale than the first two games. There are eight worlds to battle through set-up as multiple Acts in the storyline alternating between playing as Siris and Isa. An individual world is about the size of the entire Infinity Blade II, so you know that you’re in for a lot of content to play through. All of it is presented brilliantly with some of the best 3D graphics on the iOS platform, and the game still looks great even if you don’t have the latest iPhone 5S.

There’s a deluxe experience to dive into, but at the most basic level, it’s still the same game, just taken up a notch. You’re presented with various enemies, and each battle plays out relatively the same as you block, dodge, and parry three or four enemy attacks to then open up the enemy for a flurry of your own offensive attacks. You tap buttons to block and dodge, swipe in the direction of an enemy attack to parry, and then swipe in various directions when you’re attacking. It’s the same set-up across all four games, and it’s relatively redundant and rudimentary the third time around. You expect more from the gameplay to go along with the advancement in the graphics, and scope, but it’s just not there. The entire time you’re playing, it feels like an extension of Infinity Blade II, but with better looks. The game style has also been seen in Batman Arkham City LockdownHornRobotGladi8torDark MeadowMan of SteelAvengers Initiative, Bloodmasque, and Pacific Rim.
That familiar style becomes even more repetitive with so many battles to take part in, though there are subtle nuances. The size and grotesque nature of enemies has been taken up a notch, especially once you reach Act III. Playing as Isa introduces new styles as you get to play with dual wielding weapons, new dodge attacks, and deluxe bo staffs. There’s also a new arsenal of weaponry to level-up, but this set-up is very similar as well as you continue to master weapons to increase your skills, and unlock more powerful ones. One of the biggest changes is a new dragon enemy, which is absolutely humungous in scale, but it doesn’t appear in the regular storyline, and instead just appears seemingly at random. There are also new quests, side missions, and ClashMob battles to give you even more content.

There’s a whole lot to see, and do in Infinity Blade III, and even with the high level of repetitive familiarity, the game keeps you engaged. Each Act is set-up with a specific mission, and ultimate boss battle to advance the overlying storyline that you want to make it through. At times though, it just feels like you’re going through the motions, and you wonder how many times you can perform these same sword battles with the exact same set-up. We would love to see more variety in the gameplay, but at least the environments are filled with brand new styles, and tons of intricacies. Part of the allure of the game is traveling to these new worlds, and seeing the new over the top enemies, and hidden wonders. There’s no doubt that it’s a high quality experience, it just could be so much better instead of relying on the formulaic gameplay of the first two. The developers could have really built upon the great base they created, and instead just gave us more of it, in an enhanced package.

Infinity Blade III ($6.99, Universal) is a should buy for one deluxe iOS experience that can be repetitive at times, but still is an overall enjoyable, engaging, and entertaining experience.


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