Into the Dead – An Immersive Endless Horror Atmosphere

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3/5

Great atmosphere | First person perspective | Weapon options | Nice & challenging

Another endless runner | Repetitive in nature | New modes not included yet,

When there’s a zombie apocalypse, what should you do? Run, at least according to Into the Dead, which is a new endless runner that changes it up a little by providing a first person perspective like in Dead Runner. The game comes from PikPok, the makers of Bird Strike, Extinction Squad, Super Monsters Ate My Condo, Slam Dunk King, Twang the Fox, and more. Into the Dead presents an open field shrouded in fog with zombies slowly appearing in the distance as you travel forward. As you advance, you reach cornfields, forests, and more with an ever increasing number of zombies to avoid.

You also have the chance to pick-up weaponry allowing you to blast through a few zombies in your path, but with limited ammo. It’s as challenging as endless runners come due to the number of zombies, room to maneuver, and limited ammo. Each run is relatively short, but you also earn pretty good coinage to upgrade in the armory, and enable perks. The game features missions as well, as it seems all endless runners do these days, to give you something to aim for. The entire Into the Dead game is about establishing a horror filled atmosphere for an intense experience.

The first person perspective immerses you into the foggy field, and the zombies are right in your face. The subtle sound effects add to the creepy nature, and every aspect is designed to combine a survival horror experience with an endless runner. The 3D visuals are intricate as well, to extend the idea that you’re actually running in the zombie apocalypse world. There’s a lot to like, but it’s still an endless runner that is repetitive in nature, so you can only expect so much.

Into the Dead (Free, Universal) creates an immersive experience like no other in the genre making it worth picking up, especially for free.


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  1. PikPok December 9, 2012 at 6:01 PM -

    Hey 🙂

    While we published Twang the Fox it was developed by Conix Games.

    Kind regards
    CM – PikPok

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