Jellies – Matching Up Fast, Fluid, And Frantic

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Fast paced matching | Tons of charm | Smooth touch controls | Unique twists

Same 60 second style each time | Score more dependent upon power-ups than skill


The App Store is a fluid ecosystem with ever changing titles, popularity, and tastes. Jellies embodies the App Store as it offers up a matching style reminiscent of Dots, but with a free flowing set-up infused with a polish akin to Ridiculous Fishing. The game provides a fluid collection of colored Jellies to match by dragging your finger over matching colors, while making sure no other color gets in the way of the line between matches. Your goal is to connect Jellies in an attempt to help Fisherman Bob get his fingers back, as they were nibbled off by the Jellies.
The Jellies float around the screen, and are constantly shifting as you try to make matches in just 60 seconds. You can make matches to extend your time, but the main goal is to create enclosures with the connected Jellies, as each one inside the enclosure nets you bonus points. It’s a fast paced time challenge to maximize your score in a minute, and there are all kinds of bonuses, and extras to activate. There are disco jellies to enclose to activate a temporary multiplier, and there are three power-ups to activate at any time to either activate slow motion, bombs, or colorless mode. It’s amazing how different your score can be from round to round depending on your matching style, time bonuses you can achieve, and power-ups you use.

Every game you play contributes to an overall point tally, which lets you unlock extras, as well as develop the subtle storyline. The game is oozing with charm, highlighted by a faux-Instagram feed of Fisherman Bob, and his chewed off fingers. There’s a simple 60 second arcade style, but the overreaching storyline, and unlocking system make you want to keep playing the main game. There are a lot of little subtleties to pick up on to better your score, and you can unlock new themes, an endless mode, and new objectives as you go. Even with all of the extras, the core game has an intrinsic replay factor with the silky smooth touch controls, and fast paced free flowing arcade action.

Jellies ($1.99, Universal) is an entertaining matching fest with numerous unique twists that is a should buy.


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