Jelly Defense – Beautifully Slow Tower Defense

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 3.5/5
Length: 2.5/5

Beautiful design | Classic fixed path tower defense

Slow pace | Passive gameplay | Repetitive nature

Game Info

APP NAME: Jelly Defense

DEVELOPER(S): Infinite Dreams

GENRE(S): Tower Defense

RELEASE DATE(S): September 29th, 2011

Tower defense games seem to be a dime a dozen these days with so many games in the genre. Infinite Dreams has decided to throw their hat in the ring with Jelly Defense, which focuses on personality. You’re given little jelly towers to defend against waves of jelly invaders in a black and white world. The only color comes from the jelly characters, and it’s bit reminiscent of de blob. The game presents you with an immersive jelly world with multiple maps to defend. Every level has a unique design, but they’re all on a small scale with very short paths.

The game is a fixed path tower defense where you place towers in given spots on the side of the fixed path. The usual tower defense elements are there with multiple towers, upgrades, and important in-game currency. You need to manage your coins so you can keep adding towers, and upgrading. The game style pushes you to upgrade fewer towers instead of making more towers. The game pacing is on the slow side, so that it takes quite awhile to beat a level, so that you often do something else while playing. It’s a game where you set your towers, and then simply make slight adjustments as you go. The game’s pace also limits you from making sudden adjustments to your defense strategy, so you have to sit and watch you defense fail.

Jelly Defense ($0.99, Universal) is bursting with personality as you dive into the jelly world. The gameplay is average for the genre, and a bit on the slow side for a very passive gaming experience. The game has a neat design, with nice strategy with red and blue towers for red and blue enemies. It’s simply not that engaging, s you just sit and watch for the most part, with no way to speed anything up, with only the option to send the next wave. The levels blend together, and the game blends with all the others in the App store.

Jelly Defense is worth skipping in spite of the well crafted jelly world, because it comes down to gameplay where this game is lacking.


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