Jones On Fire – Saving Stranded Kittens From Fire

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 2/5

Great personality & style | Semi-level set-up on top of the endless structure

A run of the mill game | Very repetitive feel | Nothing noteworthy beyond the style

When kittens are stranded in a forest fire, firefighter extraordinaire, and kitten lover Emma Jones runs into action. Jones on Fire pits you as Emma Jones, and it’s a new endless runner where you need to collect kittens, and avoid fire. The game provides 2.5D side scrolling action with a 2D perspective, and 3D level elements, and while there’s an endless style, Jones on Fire gives you concrete levels.

The game is composed of ten levels, and you have three lives to try to make it through them all. The levels feature random layouts of obstacles, but each one actually has a conclusion as you run back to the fire station with all of your collected kitten. It’s a nice change of pace for the genre, and it gives you a little breather between runs through the fire. The game also provides two objectives at once as you try to collect cats while also dealing with fire lines, and fallen burning trees. Emma Jones can jump over or charge through the various fire obstacles, and you can lose track of some of them if you’re focusing too much on collecting cats.

To round out the endless runner experience, there are missions to aim for to add more unique challenges in each run. Jones on Fire is set-up nicely to play in short bursts, but can also lend itself towards longer play sessions. The only problem is that although there are 10 levels, they all blend together to feel virtually the same, except for increasing difficulty. One nice aspect is that you get two mistakes per level so you can stumble over a log or a wall of fire is on your tail, but can still keep going. To round out the package, there’s a great art design that mixes retro styling’s with 3D graphics to make the kittens that much more adorable.

Jones On Fire ($1.99, Universal) is another in a long line of endless runners that has style, and personality, but doesn’t do enough gameplay wise to stand out. The game doesn’t entice you to keep playing, and feels like just an also ran that is worth skipping. It’s also worth noting that the developers just updated the game from freemium to a paid app that strips out the in-app purchases, but that doesn’t impact the overall feel of repetition either way.


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