Journey To Hell – Looks Can Be Deceiving

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 1.5/5
Design: 2.5/5
Duration: 2/5

Good looking 3D environments | Deluxe third person shooter campaign

Bland & repetitive gameplay | Everything moves slowly | Cookie cutter type game

When the world goes to hell, what can you do, but blast your way through it. So sets the stage for Journey to Hell, a new deluxe 3D third person shooter for iOS where you need to blast through demons, zombies, and other horrible creatures in an attempt to save mankind. The game features seven high quality 3D environments, 15 demon races, and up to 40 enemies on screen at once. The heart of the game is the multi-level campaign where you face a continuous onslaught of enemies leading up to boss battles in a multi-chapter gore fest.

Journey To Hell delivers a very basic shooter experience that is as rudimentary as they come. You go from section to section locked in until you blast away a certain number of enemies. The enemies move at such a slow pace, and it feels like a lazy Sunday as you slowly aim, and blast them away. All of the enemies blend together, and they’re more irritating than challenging due to the fact that they can still damage you even if it looks like you dodged their attack. The boss battles deliver some nice challenge, and change of pace with each one requiring special strategies, and attack sequences to take them down. The bosses do have their own frustrating problems as they take way too long of repetitive firing to finally take them down.

The entire game feels like a tedious marathon as you try to survive through the monotony to reach any sequences of interest or intense action that never comes. The entire experience is just bland, and boring in a game that feels like an assembly line shooter with no originality, personality, or style. You end up tapping the fire button over and over again while strafing, with no changes on the basic formula, and no fresh challenges. You can only take so much of the same sequences in different environments with every aspect relatively slow moving, and pointless. The level design is so poor, the controls are subpar, and even the character design is lacking.

Journey To Heel ($3.99, Universal) is a great example of how looks can be deceiving. While it looks promising on the surface, it’s just a bland, repetitive, and monotonous shooter that is aptly named as playing it is definitely a journey to hell.


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