Julian Lennon Through The Picture Window – The Future Of Music?

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It’s tough to imagine the life of Julian Lennon with the mixture of living in his father’s shadow, while simultaneously living in the limelight while dealing with the expectations, connections, and pedigree. Now, he’s giving us a little glimpse into his unusual life with the new iOS app Julian Lennon Through The Picture Window. The app is based on Julian’s newest album Everything Changes, and provides an interactive tour of what went into it. Julian is considered an artist by those who know him, well beyond music, and that is highlighted in the execution of this app. The main interface presents a virtual gallery to swipe through to access all of the included features,
Julian Lennon – Through The Picture Window is absolutely jam packed with features including the complete 14 song album. Not only is each track included, but they’re accompanied by high quality music videos that are a whole other artistic medium in their own right. The tracks also include both the album, and acoustic versions, and you can switch between the two during playback just by shaking your device. Each song has a very intricate message to deliver that is coupled with varying melodies to help get the message across. The songs are presented as photos on a gallery wall, and there’s just so much to take account of through the digital picture window as you’re presented with the melodies, lyrics, and videos with such a wide variety.

Beyond the main album work, there’s an 80 minute documentary about the creative process that went into Julian’s latest album. The documentary includes interviews with Julian, Bono, and Steven Tyler discussing the background of Everything Changes, and Julian’s mindset behind the new tracks. There’s also an interactive viewing that includes butterflies that link you out to other parts of the app for related content, and then you can go back to where you were viewing. In addition to the edited documentary, there’s the full length 20 minute interview with Bono, which details an intimate friendship with Julian. There’s also a short story through pictures narrated by Paul Buchanan from The Blue Nile detailing his past work with Julian. To round out the feature set, there’s details of Julian’s White Feather Foundation Charity, as well as wallpapers from the album artwork.
There’s simply so much to dive into, and all of it is accessed through a well thought out interactive gallery interface. Taking the app by itself, outside of the content, you can still see it as its own art form in the well thought out flow of how everything is presented. The app makes you want to interact with all that’s included, and it’s simply an intriguing experience. It’s worth noting that the entire experience has a self-sering nature, but that’s understandable as it’s selling the album, and Julian’s artistic talents. All that’s included costs $11.99, which is a premium price on the App Store, but the full album in iTunes is $10.99. The app provides the full album as well as the accompanying videos, acoustic versions, documentary, interviews, and interactivity for just $1 more. There’s a lot of value provided in seeing into the window that Julian Lennon has allowed us to look through.

Julian Lennon Through The Picture Window ($11.99, Universal) feels like the new standard of music albums as it provides a complete interactive multimedia exhibit to take the music to the next level making it a should buy for a unique musical exploration.

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  1. jo March 10, 2014 at 4:11 AM -

    I purchased and I do like Julian Lennon’s app album, yes I do see that apps maybe the way to bring a nice variety of media to fans, but if you have a couple dozen it would fill your tablet up. Great music Julian! Whose shadow do you live in? I’ll buy you a fly swatter so you can swat away those nasty gnats that dare say you do, you do you just fine and looks to me from what the public sees you have everything you need.

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