Jungle Rumble – More Fun Than A Barrel Of Monkeys

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

A great flow | Intuitive tapping to the beat | High quality design

The stages blend together | Tapping can get a bit tedious


Many rhythm based games take the same predictable form to tap notes that flow down screen. Beat Sneak Bandit is the one really unique game that ties a stealth movement mechanic to a rhythmic soundtrack. Jungle Rumble is a new variation on the rhythm genre that lets you control a clan of monkeys battling against invading monkeys in an attempt to protect bananas. You tap out a drum beat to move your monkeys, and direct them to attack, and it’s surprisingly intuitive. Everything is designed for fluidity, so that the varied, and ornate backbeat is easy to pick up on, to tap out the beat.
Each level provides various tree branches to jump between, and to move, you simply perform four taps in sequence for the nearby branch you want to move to, back to the branch you’re on, and repeat. Once you get the hang of it, there’s just an entertaining motion as you tap to the beat to advance your monkeys. To attack enemy monkeys, you first need to gather some coconuts, and then you tap three times on your current spot, and then one to the enemy on a nearby branch. Every tap needs to be tied to the beat, and soon the rhythm will flow through your entire body, as you get the hang of each action.

There’s a lot of content included that introduces new environments, brand new layouts, enemy monkeys, and more. Also, each level is composed of multiple stages to give you that much more to tap to the beat. As you advance, the monkey enemies become more advanced, but there’s still a pattern to figure out, further tying into the rhythm of the game. The one drawback is that it can feel a bit redundant as the stages don’t vary that much, and you end up doing a lot of the same actions. The difficulty increases at a very slow pace leaving it feeling a bit rudimentary with just two major drum beat actions to tap to. Also, one mistake can throw you entirely off rhythm, and it can be tough to pick it back up. As you advance to new environments, new soundtracks are introduced, with more variety, making it tougher to pick up on the main beat to tap to. It would be nice to see new functions available, or changes to the beat that you tap, rather than changes to the soundtrack, which masks the same beat.

Jungle Rumble ($1.99, Universal) offers a relatively unique experience that gets your whole body in rhythm, as you tap to the great flow making it a should buy.


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