Jurassic GO – Capturing Fun For As Long As You Want

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Great snapshooting gameplay | Outstanding design & theme | Play as much as you want

Could use a dedicated shutter button | Gameplay starts to feel similar on each outting

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It’s your chance to ride through a land filled with dinosaurs in the new iOS game Jurassic GO. It comes from the makers of Snapimals, and offers a similar Pokemon Snap style. The gameplay essentially provides an on-rails shooter, but you get to use a camera instead of a gun. Your goal is to capture photos of dinosaurs as they move about, and frame up the images for the best composition. There are four lands to unlock with their own set of dinosaurs, backdrops, and potential scenes to capture.
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Jurassic GO plays just like Snapimals as you can capture five pictures per run through a region. Each image is scored based on the size of the dinosaur in the frame, the spot of the dinosaur in the landscape, and the angle of the shot. Each shot you take can be put up in the museum, or sold as a postcard. The captain has set scenes for you to capture to fit into the museum, so you have specific objectives to focus on each time. There are numerous dinosaurs with multiple potential ways to capture, and you need to do it all on the fly as you ride through the four different regions.

The best part of Jurassic GO in comparison to Snapimals is that the former is paid instead of free to play. That means you can keep going out to snap photos as many times as you want in Jurassic GO, instead of having a limited camera roll like in Snapimals. Jurassic GO delivers a great game with a strong paywall, but turning it into a paid app alleviates the main concern. The new dinosaur theme of Jurassic GO is great, and it’s executed very well. The only change that would be nice in Jurassic GO is the inclusion of a dedicated shutter button. Currently, you have to tap within the viewfinder, and there are times you miss the right moment as the game can think that you’re panning the view or pinching to zoom. Beyond that, it’s simply a highly enjoyable experience to capture the dinosaurs moving about at just the right moment to frame up the objective photos.

Jurassic GO ($3.99, Universal) is a great iOS experience that is well worth picking up.

$3.99, Universal


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