KAMI – Unfolding An Excellent Colorful Puzzle Game

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Ornate game design | Immersive puzzle experience | Easy to play, hard to master

No hint system | Could use more levels


There’s nothing quite like the experience of getting lost in a puzzle where your focus is acutely tuned to the challenge at hand. KAMI is a new iOS puzzle game that tries to deliver that type of experience by providing a color based paper folding brain teaser. Each of the 36 levels presents you with an arrangement of colors, and your goal is to unify the different colors into one uniform color. To do so, you begin by trying to merge two colors into a slightly bigger chunk, and work your way up to solidify groups of colors, and minimize the different colors. Changing colors is as simple as selecting a color in the menu, and tapping on a different color on the game board. The game style is reminiscent of the flash game Paint Buckets, and is seen on iOS in Color Zen.
What really makes KAMI stand out is the unique art style that relies on realistic construction paper to form each level. When you tap to change a color, the new color spreads out in a paper folding form that is quite a treat to see in motion. The paper folding style helps you wrap your head around the flow of the different colors to make it easier to identify the flow of the different colors. In addition to the paper folding style, there’s also a zen theme from the level set-up to the background music to allow you to focus on the puzzle at hand. It’s a highly polished experience akin to the developers first iOS outing, Lume, and it’s nice to see an art style that isn’t just for show, but actually enhances the gameplay. Each of the 36 levels offers a unique challenge, and as you go through the level packs, more colors are introduced with more complex layouts to transform.

Simply changing the colors of every level wouldn’t be the greatest challenge, so in KAMI you only have a limited number of moves. It’s an extreme challenge to transform a wide array of four different colors in just four or five moves. The game does a good job of enticing you to play for a perfect score, and you don’t feel complete until you perfect a level. The one drawback is that there’s no hint system, so you can literally be stumped by a level with no way out of it. You are given access to all nine levels in a given pack to jump around, but an optional hint system would help a number of players. The entire game is made for effortless pick up and play to appeal to as many as possible, but it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Also, it would always be great to see more than 36 levels, but there’s plenty of playtime included for the price.

KAMI ($0.99, Universal) is an excellently crafted puzzle game that offers a great challenge that feel rewarding upon completion. It establishes that ideal of getting lost in the puzzle at hand as you focus on changing colors, and unfolding paper. KAMI is a should buy, so get unfolding today.


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