King Oddball – A Stone’s Throw Away From Your Pocket

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Unique gameplay | Nice combo mechanic | High quality design | Tons to enjoy

Somewhat repetitive | Feels a bit basic | Could use more variety

10tons makes some great games with Azkend, Grim Joggers, Boom Brigade, and more. Their newest game is King Oddball, which is a definite oddball as it’s unlike any other game in the App Store. You play as King Oddball who is the bad guy trying to end the world by tossing rocks with his tongue into tanks, choppers, and soldiers. It’s an action puzzle game as Oddball swings his tongue back and forth, and you tap to release the rock into the enemies.

The game features 120 levels of destruction as the goal of each level is to destroy every enemy on screen, kind of like Angry Birds, but with a different launch mechanic. It feels like a brand new game with elements of Fragger, Angry Birds, and 10tons Swingworm all integrated. There’s also unique difficulty in trying to create combos by destroying multiple enemies with as few throws as possible, as you only get three. The gameplay design is perfect for casual pick up and play, but it gets quite complex across the over 100 levels with various enemy types and obstructions.

King Oddball ($0.99, Universal) is a great change of pace that is enjoyable across the tons of levels. It’s a unique experience that stands out for the design, theme, and gameplay to make it worth picking up. The game is likeable, and just a stone’s throw away from your pocket. The game is also made for the iPhone 5 to give you more space to incorporate everything on screen.


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