KingHunt – Your Hunt For A New Game Is Over

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Over the top action | Outstanding design | Smooth controls | Fleshed out the genre

Challenges aren't clear | Obstacles aren't always obvious | Anti-climatic boss battles


We’re going on a king hunt, we’re gonna catch a big one, what a beautiful day, we’re not scared. KingHunt is the latest game from the makers of Minigore, Bike Baron, and Ice Rage that claims to be the next generation of slicing games. There’s definite inspiration from Fruit Ninja as objects fly from the sides of the screen for you to swipe through with your finger. Rather than just an endless high score arcade games, KingHunt takes the familiar mechanic to the next level with an adventure set-up. The Kingmaker has smashed the land into separate pieces, and put in various kings in charge including the Muffin King, Count Cheese, and the Dino King for you to battle. Now, it’s up to you to battle each king to reclaim their land, and it’s all done through slicing and dicing enemies.
It’s quite an ingenious idea to take a mechanic that is intuitive and well known, and then build upon it every way to flesh out the experience. KingHunt provides 12 different environments to battle through, and there are over 200 different enemy types to slice. Each of the 12 lands have a unique setting that concludes with a boss battle against the given king. Once you beat the king, there are then additional challenges to complete with each land offering ten different challenges to be completed one at a time to get five stars. As you unlock the new areas, there’s also a bonus underwater level that opens up allowing you to collect 100 magical trinkets. All of these different features add up to offer a ton of variation, and replayability. The game also does an excellent job of simply engaging you to keep slicing.

All of the action is presented with an ornate 3D graphics engine that uses the Minigore art style, but takes it up a notch in graphical fidelity. KingHunt also offers dynamic slicing technology, so that the enemies are cut up in unique ways based on the angle of your cuts. It’s quite extraordinary to see in motion with the sliced up bits flying across the screen. Within each given land, there are also combos, chains, power-ups, and the ability to level up all working together to maximize your score, and the on screen action. It’s simply a great feeling when you slice through ten enemies with one cut, while activating the frozen power-up, and leveling up to a higher multiplier. As you advance, there are more obstacles as well with bombs, and enemies that slice back at you.
There’s simply so much going on every time you open the app, and there’s such a well designed game engine to interact with. The controls are ultra responsive, and even the main menu has interactivity where the lands respond as you drag your finger. The 12 different lands keep things fresh, and push you forwards, while the additional challenges keep you coming back to a completed theme. There are a few drawbacks though as the additional challenges aren’t always clear as there’s just a visual cue with no description. Also, it’s not always obvious what the dangers lurk besides the bombs. Finally, the boss battles are relatively anticlimactic as you simply swipe frantically over the boss, kind of like the pomegranate in Fruit Ninja.

KingHunt ($0.99, Universal) is truly the next generation of slicing games that provides over the top action that is perfectly suited for quick pick up and play. The intuitive mechanic has been fleshed out to be a true level based game that looks outstanding in action, and will keep you coming back for more. KingHunt is a should buy, and your hunt for a new great iOS game is over.


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