Knightmare Tower – A Dream To Play As Enjoyment Rises

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Over the top action | Silky smooth controls | Great upgrade system | Long & short term goals

Always restarting from the bottom | Attacks on layered enemies can get convoluted


What exactly causes a knightmare? How about a tower filled with over 50 different types of monsters that a knight has to deal with at high speeds while trying to avoid continuously rising lava all while trying to rescue ten different princesses. That sounds about right, and that scenario sets the stage for Knightmare Tower, which comes to iOS from the world of flash games. Though it’s a port, the game feels like it was made for iOS from the ground up as you tilt to move your character, and then tap to slice down upon enemy heads to give your knight a boost upward in his ascent. It’s much more intuitive, and smooth than a mouse or keyboard, and it also stands out compared to other iOS games.
Knightmare Tower is all about fast paced arcade action as a continuous supply of multiple enemies are popping up on screen to take down. There are so many different types with every increasing difficulties whether they have thicker skin, are firing back at you, or are dangerous to touch. Luckily, you have your own set of unlockable special abilities to enhance your attack power, offer more time in the air, or even provide potion boosts. Rather than these extras being single use or available through in-app purchases, they’re earned at a great rate, and just a piece of the replayability. The basis of the game is an endless launching style, kind of like the developers previous effort Burrito Bison, but in vertical form. Every single attempt gets you one step closer to reaching the top of the tower where an epic boss battle awaits. You continue to upgrade your knight for your next attempt to be better, and there are ten princesses to save along the way. Each one also offers a special ability, and altogether provides great incentive to keep playing.

The highlight is definitely the gameplay as there’s a never a dull moment as you frantically cascade down on to these enemies. Each one offers a speed boost to keep you flying up the tower, and it’s just so engaging as the pace picks up, the enemy variety increases, and a hectic assault ensues. It’s great to see all of this action in motion thanks to intricate cartoon design that is highlighted by slashing these monsters in two. There’s so much to see and do in every attempt, and the game does an excellent job of enticing you to restart the second you lose with another upgrade here and there. There are games of a similar vein, but none of them offer such a well rounded package that offers fun above all else, and has a surpassing amount of longevity.

Knightmare Tower ($2.99, Universal) is a fast paced fun that somehow gets even more enjoyable as you play to keep you battling up that tower making it a should buy that is a dream to play.


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