Krashlander – Crashes In More Ways Than One

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 1.5/5

Unique idea with engaging gameplay | Nice level design | High quality art style

Controls are the most challenging aspect | Controls are imprecise & unresponsive | Not much depth

Skiing games have found a nice home on iOS with the likes of Solipskier, Ski Safari, and iStunt 2 among others. Krashlander is a new skiing game that is driven by physics as you use forces to make it through the large mountain slopes. At the end of each level are evil robots that have overtaken your planet, and now it’s time to crash into them to take them down. Every level is about crashing into the robots with just one slide down the mountain, but making it to the robots at the end is quite a challenge.

The physics engine is also applied to the crashes so everything has momentum that you try to maintain to deliver as much damage as possible. There are 20 different levels across two worlds, and the challenge, physics engine, and level set-up are reminiscent of Hanger. Each level requires precision to make it to the end, but once you get to the robots you attack as though you have a sawed off shotgun slamming into whatever you can with whatever you can.

The game does introduce a new control scheme that takes awhile to get used to as you use one thumb to change the skiers stance. The controls are one of the downfalls of the game as even when you get used to them they don’t consistently respond as you would expect. You can perform the same exact action like swiping upwards to jump, and your skier doesn’t respond the same from run to run. There’s unresponsiveness and imprecision involved, especially when trying to right yourself in the air flying over a crevasse. The controls will cause more failures than any aspects of the gameplay, and it’s sad when you have seen other skiing, and stunt based games take advantage of great tilt controls.

Krashlander ($0.99, Universal) is a neat idea that suffers from poor controls, and not much depth leaving it worth skipping. The controls are the main challenge of the game, and even with them, you can easily blow through the 20 short levels.


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2 Comments on "Krashlander – Crashes In More Ways Than One"

  1. Jeff Weber February 7, 2013 at 6:09 PM -

    Hi, my name is Jeff Weber. The developer for Krashlander. Early feedback, this review included, indicates I may have set the difficulty ramp a little too steep for Krashlander.

    I plan to address this with my first update. I’m going to add 10 new “easier” levels to more slowly build the players skill.

    This won’t necessarily make the game easier but should reduce the frustration level a little.

    I think the learning curve to Krashlander, if plotted on a graph, would very closely align with the learning curve for riding a bike. When you first learned to ride a bike, you were probably pretty wobbly and over-steered a lot. You probably also fell on your a** often.

    Eventually, though, it all just clicked and became second nature.

    Krashlander is a lot like this. If you get to the point where it “clicks”, I think you will be impressed with what you can do and the feeling you get while doing it.

    I kind of understand the 2/5 score. I just ask that everyone reading this keep an eye on Krashlander. I have many update plans for it. The first of which will hopefully reduce the frustration level a few notches.

    Thanks, Trevor and Apple-N-Apps for the honest review.

    -Jeff Weber

    • Trevor Sheridan February 8, 2013 at 9:37 AM -

      Thanks for the response Jeff. There’s a lot of good elements, but even when the controls “click” they seem to be somewhat unresponsive, or at the very least inconsistent. Also, I don’t know if the game has intrinsic difficulty, or it’s just the controls. 20 levels do go by pretty quickly too.

      We will definitely keep an eye out for updates though.

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