Last Knight – Now Jousting With The Endless Runner

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 2.5/5

Good story mode with enemies to joust | Great 3D graphics

Unresponsive controls | Tedious input | No margin for error | Extremely frustrating

There are so many endless runners out there that it’s tough to stand out, but Last Knight is trying to. It’s been a busty week for Crescent Moon Games, as now they have a new 3D endless runner in addition to Ravensword: Shadowlands. Last Knight brings a medieval jousting theme to the endless runner, and it’s a relatively new experience because there are enemies to deal with. As you’re running, dodging, and jumping you will also need to joust some enemies from time to time.

Last Knight takes the 3D endless runner a step further with an actual story mode that features six environments, and three different levels per environment. In fact, each level includes three checkpoints to reach, and the story involves playing as the last one left in the kingdom that can save the princess. The story mode is in addition to the randomly generated endless mode. The game also features 3D graphics using the Unreal Engine as well as Ragdoll physics for each destroyed enemy. All of it combines for what looks to be a great experience, but there are some major obstacles.

The biggest problem is that the control scheme is unresponsive at best, and the controls by themselves will lead to more deaths than any obstacle in the game. There were so many times that I swiped up to jump or down to joust, and the game simply didn’t recognize my actions. I don’t know if the game is unresponsive or the code doesn’t pick up your actions well enough, I just know the end result is a very frustrating experience. The input method is also problematic when moving side to side, as you need to drag your finger instead of tapping, and it’s just too difficult to do in tight stretches requiring a lot of movement. If the controls don’t do you in, then the game balance will as it doesn’t give you the benefit of the doubt so any tight squeezes always end up in death. You need to be pixel perfect when moving through tight gaps or lining up an enemy to joust, and that further adds to the frustration.

Last Knight ($0.99, Universal) has a lot of promise with the excellent feature set, and graphical design, but the actually gameplay is held back. You have to be so deliberate with everything you do that there’s no room left for enjoyment. There are too many problems to recommend the game despite the numerous good qualities.


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