League of Evil 3 – Exemplifying The Challenging Trilogy

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Ornate level design | Precision touch controls | Amplified challenge | All new environment & enemies

Not for everyone | Can be extremely frustrating | Wall jump is more rigid


Are you ready for an extreme challenge, because the League of Evil is back to test your gaming prowess like very few others on iOS. It’s the third installment of League of Evil, and it maintains the best parts of the first two, while adding even more. League of Evil 3 revolves around speed runs for this action platformer that offers twitch gaming where your character will die numerous times. Every level is designed for extreme challenge, and the third version introduces 80 levels across four new environments. The third version maintains the new age art style of number two, but with much more ornately designed new worlds.
Each level requires constant motion as you jump, double jump, wall jump, and try to make it through spinning hammers, past electric fences, and over spinning blades. Your main goal is to punch the scientist at the end of the level, and there are other enemies to punch along the way. The third version has amped up the difficulty to an even greater extent to the point that you can be absolutely stumped on a level after dying 20 times in a row. The new levels are fine tuned to such a degree that an electric fence will be placed right where you would end up after double jump over a saw. The obstacles are tied together to require extreme precision on the part of the player to make it through.

League of Evil has always been about offering a challenging action platformer, but the developers have outdone themselves this time. One surprising aspect is the subtle puzzle nature included so that there’s usually one correct pathway through the given obstacles, so that you in essence have to solve the level layout. Of course, after figuring out what you need to do, you then have to complete it while moving at high speeds with no room to stop and take a break. The game style isn’t for everyone, and there’s no doubt it can become extremely frustrating with one mistake ruining a great run. If you like action platformers with one touch death, then there aren’t many better choices in the App Store, and the third version exemplifies the best of the genre.
Making it through a level pack feels like quite an accomplishment, and it feels good to smash a scientist in the face at the end of just a single infuriating level. The set-up can be a turn off, and it would be nice to increase the appeal with an option for a three heart system for less experienced players. The main game could be seen as the challenge mode in others, and it’s odd to not at least have the option, as it wouldn’t take away from all that is included. One of the best additions of number three to make up for the challenge, is auto restart so that the second you lose, you can go right back at the level. Finally, since it’s a League of Evil game, it maintains the brilliant touch controls that are absolutely essential for the precision required to complete these levels.

League of Evil 3 ($1.99, Universal) is so hard, but so good at accomplishing that goal with the devious level design. It’s such a finally tuned package the third time out that is worth the price of admission if you like extreme challenge. At times it can feel like you’re smacking your head against a wall, but if you’re hard headed enough, you can get some rewarding enjoyment.


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