Leaping Legend – The Hero Falls Short

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 2.5/5
Duration: 2/5

Fast paced action | Nice and challenging | Good style

Extremely repettiive | On the simplistic side | A more basic version of previous games


More grand scale games are coming to iOS, but that doesn’t mean the simpler games are going to stop. The amount of fun you can have from a game is independent of the amount of depth, and that’s why many fast paced arcade games of the past, and endless games today can provide hours of enjoyment. Leaping Legend is a new game from Everplay who now offers quite a collection of fast paced games, and this one is more of the same. In Leaping Legend, you’re storming the castle to help rescue the princess in an endless vertical assault towards the top of the tower. It’s a fast packed arcade style that is simple to control as you just tap to jump between the left and right walls, and use arrows to run higher or lower on the given wall.
Leaping Legend comes from the same studio that made 1001 Attempts, and it’s essentially the same game, but you’re jumping horizontally rather than vertically. The game plays out almost identically as you simply jump between walls to dodge the various obstacles that either sit on the walls or float in between. With that said, it’s even more simplistic than 1001 Attempts with less obstacle variety, and less incetive to keep playing. It’s basically just another endless climber like Ninjatown or Ninjump, but in a rudimentary package that is exactly the same each time that you play. After a couple of runs, you will never see anything new again. There are missions and unlockables, though the unlockables cost a relative arm and leg to the pace at which you earn coins in the game.

Leaping Legend (Free, Universal) isn’t worth your time, or any more words as it seems to come straight out of a cookie cutter mold that is bland, uninspiring, and worth avoiding.


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