Level 22 – A Sneaky Good Game

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Intricate level layouts | Personality packed design | Variable techniques

Controls can e misinterpreted | Some tedious movement stretches


If Gary is late to work one more time he will be fired. Well, he’s late this morning, so you need to help him sneak into work unseen to keep his job. That’s the premise for the new game Level 22, which is a stealth based strategy game set in an office building. As the name suggests, you need to help Gary up to Level 22 where he works, giving you numerous floors to sneak through. Each floor delivers an intricate set-up requiring numerous different techniques to make it through. Gary will need to hide in closets, jump into cardboard boxes, bobby trap photocopiers, spike coffee with laxatives, use donuts to distract security guards, and much more. There’s so much going on in each individual level all focusing on going through the floor step by step.
There are other stealth games on iOS, but Level 22 easily stands out with the various techniques required. The office building set-up is also a nice change of pace, especially when each floor is infused with little nuances presented with a great art style. To control Gary, you simply tap where you want him to move, and when you get in range of touchable objects, a separate button appears. The one problem with the controls is that you span the screen by dragging your finger, and sometimes movement controls can be confused with changing the camera angle, and the other way around. It’s just a minor complaint that is slightly rectified by an instant restart option as soon as you are spotted.

Every single level has a unique layout requiring a completely different strategy. A lot of thought is required to make it through these levels, and you will likely fail multiple times before even figuring out the right way forward, never the less performing it. Each level also has a hidden collectible, as well as a secret room, and there’s some humor office mysteries to discover. There are also boss battles in every fifth level for a complete change of pace that heightens the nice level of action already included. There’s just a lot of personality infused into the experience as you’re contending with surprisingly challenging puzzles. The most remarkable part of the game is how engaging it is to keep you actively playing to make it up to Level 22.

Level 22 ($3.99, Universal) is an intricately designed stealth game that is high on challenge making it a should buy for an enjoyable experience throughout.


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