Leviathan: Warships – Ship Runs Aground In Shallow End

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 1.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 2/5

High quality design | Deluxe multiplayer options | A sleep aid

Slow moving | Lacks any true strategy | Subpar interface | Dull overall experience


Leviathan: Warships has quite a game development pedigree that has already built up a significant user base with the PC version. Now, it has set sails on the iPad with the complete feature set of strategic ships battling on the high seas. You’re given a turn based style as you get to plan your ship movements, and targeted attacks to then watch it in motion for a brief stretch. About ten seconds of action pass before you can readjust your plan of attack, and so can your opponents. The style is reminiscent of Crimson: Steam Pirates, and Steambirds, but Leviathan: Warships really focuses on multiplayer.
There are 14 different maps that can be played solo, co-op with friends, or head to head which includes team skirmishes. The multiple missions can be a bit overwhelming for single player, so the game really entices you to grab at least one online buddy, and up to three, to battle with. There’s cross-platform gameplay on PC, Mac, and iPad to increase the user base, and also provide cloud saving continuation on all three platforms. Another highlight of the game is the ability to customize your fleet with specific warships to balance the pros, and cons of individual ships based on the current mission. There are a lot of menu items to dive into, but the base game is trying to defeat your enemies, changing your strategy continuously to gain the upper hand.

There’s a lot in Leviathan: Warships, but there’s not much to the actual gameplay. It’s billed as a strategy game, but there’s just not many strategic elements leaving a relatively passive experience as you can see what to do 10 stages in advance. There’s a little bit more challenge when playing head to head with online player, but even then the match making is subpar, so it’s not strategy, but fleet that decides the victor. The entire experience is so slow moving as you seem to have time to nap as the turns play out. With the lack of depth to the gameplay, each turn feels like you’re going through the motions, the supposed “action” moves at a snail’s pace. To make matters worse, the entire interface doesn’t feel like it is optimized for touch, and instead just a rough port from PC.

Leviathan: Warships ($4.99, iPad) is a big name title, but this ship runs aground in the shallow gameplay. The entire experience is just slow, boring, tedious, and frustrating making Leviathan: Warships one to steer clear of.


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