Lifeline Whiteout – Does The Style Start To Blend Together?

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

More engaging real time story telling | Improved speed up options

Very similar to the first Lifeline | Could use new mechanics

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Lifeline first launched last May, and since then has seen two spin-offs. The series offers a choose your own adventure text based gaming experience that fits well on Apple Watch, and works just as well on iOS. The Lifeline games focus on presenting you with a protagonist in a trying circumstance, and the characters communicates with you in a text message style set-up. The previous entires in the series have included Sci-Fi and fantasy stories, and now there’s Lifeline Whiteout with a more realistic tale.
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In Lifeline Whiteout, you meet V. Adams, who’s stranded in snow capped mountains, and struck with amnesia. Once again, you’re tasked with deciding what the protagonist should do whether it’s investigate one thing or another, take the safe or risky path, eat this or that, and more. Lifeline Whiteout is a lot like the original Lifeline in the tale of survival, just set in snowy mountains, rather than a distant planet, but similar choices are present. The more familiar you are with Lifeline, the more Whiteout blends in with the rest. It’s always a question of how many times can you go to the well, but with that said, there are still some distinguishers.

By the fourth edition of Lifeline, the developers have continued to refine the formula. The biggest change with Whiteout is the ability to choose to get all messages as a group, rather than line by line, which makes it much easier to read quickly. Speaking of speed, the game also starts off with speed-up seemingly enabled, as previous entires required you to complete the story, or die at least twice to enable the sped up mode. Both factors make for a more enjoyable and engaging text based adventure, as the game seems to be calling to you more often, and the story stays more present in your mind. The new edition also offers more compelling decision points that can get you thinking about the potential forking narrative. Whiteout doesn’t reinvent the Lifeline formula, but it doesn’t need to yet, as it’s an entertaining set-up that keeps you coming back across varying storylines. More stories with the real time text message based choose your own adventure isn’t a bad thing.

Lifeline Whiteout ($2.99, Universal) offers a brand new story with a familiar and engaging set-up that is worth picking up.

$2.99, Universal


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