Lili – A Brand New Flower-Powered Adventure

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Made for touch | Beautiful 3D design | Unique gameplay mechanic | Nice story & exploration

Repetitive action sequences | Some tedious stretches between objectives

It’s always nice to have a new showcase game for a new device, and Lili definitely fits the bill for the iPhone 5. It’s a universal game with a widescreen mode that takes advantage of the iPhone 5 by using the Unreal Engine to tap into the A6 chip, and make the new 4” screen shine. The game itself is a 3D adventure game that pits you as Lili exploring a mysterious island on a botany trip to impress her professor. She comes across wood creatures and spirits, with the spirits oppressing the wood creatures.

There’s a full storyline to dive through as you passively help the wood creatures by plucking the flowers off the back of the Spirits. It’s an adventure game like no other on the App Store by creating a theme that can appeal to all, and a gameplay mechanic that’s much more approachable for casual gamers. There’s a non-combat action system where you run to jump on the back of the Spirits, and then swipe your finger on screen to pluck the flowers that sprout on their backs. There are consistent objectives to keep the story going, but you can also simply explore the four regions of the beautifully designed island looking for treasure, talking to characters, and finding new mini-games.

The action sequences get progressively more difficult, but there’s subtle RPG elements to upgrade Lili’s grip, speed, and stealth abilities to better handle the Spirits. The spirits increase their defenses with Spirit guards, prickly flowers, and bomb flowers to deal with. The entire game was made for iOS with the casual style, touch controls, and perfect pick up and play style. The action sequences are a bit simplistic and repetitive though, and the objectives do blend together for some tediousness. Running about the Unreal Engine world keeps you engaged though, and the little pieces to uncover the story and unravel the mystery of the island and Lili will keep you coming back.

Lili ($4.99, Universal) is a completely unique adventure that is beautifully designed for the platform, and a should buy.


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