LiquidText – A New Standard For Note Taking Apps

4.5 Overall Score
Usability: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Great feature set | Smooth usability | All new note taking functions

Some limited use cases | Pinch highlight view occasionally pinches highlights

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There are a lot of ways to read on iOS, and a number of methods to take notes. LiquidText is a new app that lets you read and take notes simultaneously with a powerful feature set. The app lets you import pdfs, documents, powerpoint slides, web pages, and more, and once a document is in LiquidText, there’s so much you can do. Everything is designed for touch to let you easily annotate, take notes, extract key items, and do so all at once.
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The highlight of LiquidText, is the ability to select a section of text, and then simply drag it out of the document and on to a sidebar. The sidebar is always present, and you can keep dragging key parts of the document over to the sidebar and even group like sections. As you’re reading through the document, you can tap on any of the extracted pieces to jump directly to the page that text is from. It’s so much easier to go over documents with key items in one place, rather than looking through your highlights within the text. You still have the ability to highlight text, and LiquidText gives you the ability to pinch to shrink down a document in between your highlights. You can keep pinching to scrunch up the in between pages to just go from highlight to highlight, or even directly compare two items separated by multiple pages.

LiquidText is a great utility for school, business documents, or anything that you read that you want to take notes on. The sidebar work area makes it so easy to not only extract particular pieces, but also type out notes to add further emphasis. It’s easy to see LiquidText becoming a new standard form for reading documents on the iPad with powerful features available in an intuitive package. It’s much easier to reinforce what you’re reading as you take notes, extract key pieces, compare sections, and focus on highlights. One of the best parts is that the app is a completely free to use utility with no in-app purchases. It’s simply a valuable functional tool that is all about making your notes and reading material one.

LiquidText (Free, iPad) provides a must have utility if you ever take notes and read documents on your iPad.

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