Little Amazon – Getting Lost In The Amazon Jungle

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 2.5/5
Duration: 1.5/5

High quality design | Looks good on the surface | Challenging endless runner

Extremely repetitive | Poor controls | Monetary system restricts basic abilities

There are all kinds of endless runners in the App Store, and the trend is for freemium style. Little Amazon is the newest endless runner that is free to play, and delivers a high quality runner experience. At first glance, the game looks like a platformer, but your character runs automatically, and then it’s up to you to tap to jump or use a special attack. You play as Lily who was captured by enemies, and now needs to run for her life to safety.

When you first launch the game it looks great, but even after the first run you can tell that looks can be deceiving. Rather than levels or checkpoints, it’s just an endless runner starting at the same basic beginnings time after time. There are enemies along the way, and you can shoot them out of your way. The jumps are also strung together at a challenging pace, and there’s simply a bunch of ways to lose, but no ways to continue. The controls are another problem as they don’t allow for the most precision, and you can lose because of the controls.

There are new regions, and an actual story to get thRough, but they are tough to get to, and for the most part you see the same jungle sequences. The problem with the story mode is that it’s tied to marathon type distance, rather than reaching an end point in a particular level. If that wasn’t problem enough, the freemium system is tied to the actual abilities of your character rather than enhancements. For some reason, you have to actually buy double jump, and similar moves that should be a basic part of the game. The upgrades take forever to earn, especially since they seem like essential aspects for success. This game is a great example of a well designed game, hand-cuffed by the payment scheme.

Little Amazon (Free, Universal) looks so promising, but it feels like a game designed around a monetary system, rather than to create an enjoyable game.


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