Looty Dungeon – Crossing Over The Dungeon Road

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 2.5/5

Simple dungeon crawler gameplay | Familiar controls and design style

Uninteresting and non-engaging gameplay | Overly simplistic and familiar

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Imagine if the makers of Crossy Road redid a dungeon crawler rather than Frogger. Then, you would essentially have the new iOS game Looty Dungeon, though it’s from a different developer. You’re given a dungeon available on a single screen presented with 3D pixel art. You simply tap to move forward, and swipe to change directions to make moving through each dungeon similar to hopping along in Crossy Road. Looty Dungeon is also an endless challenge with a random collection of dungeons to make it through, and each completed dungeon contributes to your score. There’s also a cast of unlockable heroes you can get by earning coins, and depositing them in a prize machine.
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Looty Dungeon integrates most of the familiar aspects of Crossy Road, and applies them to a dungeon crawler for an accessible version of a relatively hardcore genre. The problem with Looty Dungeon is that since the game goes out of its way to be like Crossy Road, it also creates a relatively simple experience. Each dungeon usually features a single enemy that is a tap or two away from disposing when you run into it. The game plays very similarly to Crossy Road with the main difference being a door to get to as you hop past obstacles and enemies. Reducing the Crossy Road formula into a fixed area with breaks in the action makes for a bland experience.

Looty Dungeon is practically devoid of challenge with most lives lost in hurrying through the monotony to get to the next dungeon. Since the game is so easy, you’re just going through the motions to hop within each simplified dungeon. Most of the dungeons play out identically, except for the boss battles that require blocking or dodging attacks. Looty Dungeon’s set-up lacks incentive to replay, especially with the deliberate difficulty curve that puts off any difficulty way down the road. The game does feature a neat Hero unlock system with the new heroes offering different play styles and ability. The problem is that the dungeons are so simplified that different heroes don’t change the actual gameplay.

Looty Dungeon (Free, Universal) is a well put together game, it’s just lacking in terms of gameplay, and there are simply more enjoyable ways to spend your time on iOS than with an overly simplified bland experience.

Free, Universal


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