Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers – Going Over The Top On iOS

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Over the top shooter action | Beautifully fluid animated action | Great challenge

The player pacing is off with the rest of the game | All of the visual flair can mask some dangers

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We hope you like action, because the new iOS game Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers is bursting at the seams with action. It’s a run ’n’ gun shooter with a boat load of enemies and dangers to lead the sock past, on the way to the washer. From the very first level there is never a dull moment as you jump, dash, and fire your way through 30 levels in total. Every sequence in the game requires multiple consecutive maneuvers with proper timing to deal with all that comes you way.
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Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers presents a ton happening on screen, and it’s all beautifully presented with an ornate cartoon art style. The game looks outstanding in motion, and does an amazing job of depicting the sheer amount of concurrent animation. The colorful backdrops offer a neat juxtaposition to the over the top shooter action in the foreground. Each level maintains a similar level of action, and yet feels fresh in the way the obstacles are thrown at you. There’s a lot going on, but the game is relatively accessible as your sock runs automatically, and you simply focus on the on screen buttons for jump, dash, light attack, and heavy attack. The game is simple enough to get a hang of to let you focus on the extreme challenge with the concurrence of challenges. Even if you die multiple times, the game keeps you coming back as you start to figure out what to do in each section of a level.

Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers might not be for everyone as it definitely trends towards the more difficult side. You will find yourself replaying levels numerous times, especially if you go for three stars, and the game does restart quickly. There’s a constant cycling objective system that you can earn even if you die, and that allows for numerous upgrades for your weapons, power-ups, and perks. One oddity in the game is that your sock moves at a relatively slow pace, and the pacing is at odds with the action in the game. At times, you can see what you need to do, but you need to be meticulous with your movements as things unfold at the pacing that is a tick slow. There are also a lot of ways to get injured, and some of the dangers can get lost in the explosions and animations.

Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers ($4.99, Universal) delivers a silky smooth presentation of engaging over the top action that is well worth picking up.

$4.99, Universal


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