Lost Within – Winning A Survival Horror Adventure

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Immersive atmosphere | Great design work | Compelling storyline

Gameplay sequences can be a bit repetitive | Drawn out at times

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There are a number of frightening settings, and yet many video games focus on the abandoned insane asylum. Lost Within is a new iOS game that presents a 3D survival adventure that focuses on horror by staging the entire thing in a broken down mental hospital. You play as a cop doing his nightly rounds when he hears something inside, and goes to investigate. Once inside, a number of mysterious things start to happen including visions from the past, monstrous looking creations, and the discovery of a lost boy. Your main goal is to escape, but more and more strange things start to happen to set the stage to truly be Lost Within.
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There have been survival adventure games before, and there will be more in the future, but that doesn’t take away from what Lost Within is today. It takes a bit to get going, but even from the outset you can appreciate the deluxe 3D design, eerie sound effects, and over immersive atmosphere. Lost Within features a prelude and three episodes with multiple chapters, and about halfway through the prelude you will likely be hooked for the entire journey. There are multiple hours of play time, and once you come across the first “inhabitant”, you’ll want to find out what caused the current state of affairs. The game does a great job of having you sneak around some times, and then sprint into a locker at others to deal with the inhabitants moving about the asylum.

Every room of the asylum usually contains something whether it’s a piece of backstory about the experiments in the asylum, or collectible items you can craft for resources. Lost Within does a great job of getting you to first focus on escaping, but soon changes your goal to figure out multiple mysteries that keep getting more and more out there. The story is compelling enough to keep you in your seat, and yet the atmosphere with headphones on and the lights off can make you jump right of your seat. There will be times in which your skin is crawling, and others when your heart is racing based on the immersive experience that has been created. The game isn’t without it’s slow downs in pacing with some repetitive play sequences just in different areas. That’s the exception not the rule, and through it all Lost Within really sends you down a rabbit hole that you will want to go down further.

Lost Within ($6.99, Universal) is an immersive experience that nails the survival adventure style that makes for a must have on your iOS device.

$6.99, Universal


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