LostWinds – Blowing Into The App Store

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 1.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Length: 1.5/5

Great looking visuals | Intuitive touch based controls | Varied puzzle elements

No engaging aspects | Tedious controls | Just a dry game

Game Info

APP NAME: LostWinds

DEVELOPER(S): Frontier Developments

GENRE(S): Puzzle Platformer

RELEASE DATE(S): December 21st, 2011

Wind is a very powerful force of nature, and in LostWinds, the wind is here to help. Your goal is to help and guide the little boy Toku, using the wind spirit Enril across the puzzle platformer levels, a bit similar to Aquaria. The game was first made for WiiWare from the developers of Kinectimals, but has now transitioned to the iOS with full touch controls. You simply swipe your finger on screen to create a breeze, and as you advance you gain more wind power at your fingertips. The game features a deluxe world with multiple paths to explore as you blow all around.

LostWinds is high on the puzzle aspects with each area filled with switches, fire, water, plants, and more objects to intersect with. Your goal is to push the different elements using wind, which opens up new pathways for Toku to travel. Instead of having a jump button like a traditional platformer, you use wind to propel Toku upwards and across gaps. There are a lot of different things to interact with, and it’s a very lengthy game.

The main problem is that it’s such a bland experience that feels tedious more than anything else. Instead of tapping a single button to jump, you have to swipe the screen each time, and it becomes a definite hassle. It’s also not the most precise system, despite being so intuitive for a touch screen. Also, after reaching certain points in the world, you need to trek back the path you just came on uto go back out to the next task. Most of your time is spent moving very slowly about the same world, and it becomes very monotonous.

LostWinds ($3.99, Universal) has a nice design, but the gameplay is a real drag. Overall it’s worth skipping as the gameplay is as dry as your skin after a wind storm.


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