Lumber Jacked – Stealing Bits Of Your Time

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Action packed speed run platformers | Fresh obstacles | Great style

Could use more micro levels | Feels like another of many in the genre

Lumberjacks and Beavers usually mind their own business as they both take care of chopping down trees. In Lumber Jacked, Bustin Beaver, and his band of beaver bandits have upset the status quo, by stealing Joe the lumberjack’s wood. Now, Joe has come to get his wood back, which sets the stage for Lumber Jacked, which is an action packed platformer revolving around speed runs. The game is instantly familiar to Mikey Shorts, League of Evil, Mos Speedrun, and comes from the makers of Spell Sword with a similar style fleshed out beyond single screen action.

Lumber Jacked features 60 fast paced levels with each one offering a unique layout that usually takes less than a minute, even 30 seconds, to jump through. Every level seems to introduce a new obstacle, and they all start combining together in later levels for an exhilarating rush to the finish line. The challenges include beaver enemies, hopping fish, spikes, wall jumps, swinging platforms, tiny blocks, and similar elements that all require precision. Thankfully, the on screen controls are right on line with the precision controls of Mikey Shorts, and League of Evil allowing you to accurately maneuver the tight stretches. You also have an attack button to punch through beavers, and it can also give you a boost to glide forward through the air. The highlight is that the game is friendly to the player as your character automatically sticks to walls for wall jumps, and you’re given the benefit of the doubt when landing on small patches, or attacking enemies.

The game offers classic gameplay style, and that’s taken up a notch with the finely tuned retro graphics, which seems to be a standard for the genre. Every level also delivers some nice replay value with the three star scoring system, and collectible flannel shirt. The shirt is usually on a forking pathway, but you can only get three stars if you collect the shirt, and reach the finish under the time limit in one run. Making it through the levels offers some challenge, but the extreme difficulty comes from trying to get three stars. It’s a finely crafted action platformer, though it would be nice to see more than 60 micro levels with many taking less than 30 seconds. There are some action packed levels with continuously fresh layouts, and obstacles, but the game still does blend in with other retro stylized platformers on iOS.

Lumber Jacked ($0.99, Universal) is an exhilarating rush to the finish that nails the essence of the past while delivering fresh challenges, and great touch controls. Lumber Jacked is worth picking up as it jacks up the action for some fast paced enjoyment.


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