Lumino City – Illuminating Craftsmanship On iOS

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Finely crafted world to explore | Great puzzles to solve | Unique city sections and characters

Tapping where you want is a bit imprecise | Some solutions can be a bit obtuse

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Lume launched way back in 2012, and it provided a finely crafted puzzle adventure that required you to help Lumi solve puzzles around her grandfather’s house. Now, there’s the sequel Lumino City in which Lumi’s grandfather has been kidnapped, and now Lumi has to explore to city to find him. Lumino City provides a big city to explore with multiple different regions to make your way through. Each part of the city includes its own cast of unique characters as well as all kinds of unique buildings. The city is bursting with puzzles to figure out as you try to track down Lumi’s grandfather.

Lumino City is first and foremost a beautiful game that is created with real world objects including paper, cardboard, miniature items, and more. It’s a handmade world that is beautifully rendered digitally to be an absolute joy to interact with. Each scene is so different, and yet there’s a consistent remarkable quality. The design is just one part, and it creates an excellent backdrop to a compelling puzzle adventure. The highlight of Lumino City is the way in which the puzzles connect together as you need to find seemingly obtuse pieces scattered across multiple locations that eventually fit together to clear the path forward.

Lumino City is a lengthy adventure with eight to ten hours of gameplay as you travel to multiple locations, and try to find any clues that lead you ahead. There is an eccentric cast of characters that reside in unique buildings that call for equally odd solutions to their problems. It’s a rewarding experience to see a puzzle solution in piecing everything together, and then watching the world in motion. There are so many interesting mechanics that power a varied Lumino City, so not only do you get to solve puzzles, but you get to explore this intricately crafted world. If you’re ever stuck, the game includes its own in-game guide to access at any time that essentially is a book full of clues that are scattered about based on the given section of the city.

Lumino City ($4.99, Universal) creates an immersive experience that is a must have title on iOS with a degree of craftsmanship that is rarely seen.

$4.99, Universal


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