Lumo’s Cat – Action Packed Defense Of Dreamland

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3/5

Engaging strategy style | Action packed sequences | Great design work

Convoluted level & freemium set-up | Levels trend toward the easy side

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Cats sleep a lot, and they don’t want to be awoken by noisy mice. Lumo’s Cat is a new game from the makers of Lumo Deliveries that is all about keeping the mouse away, so your cat can sleep. The game blends tower defense and real time strategy as you place defenders around your cat to keep it dreaming. There are five different characters to add to your defense, but rather than being stationary towers, you can continually reposition each character to respond to the incoming waves of mice.
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Lumo’s Cat is quite a mash-up with so many different intriguing aspects included. The core gameplay is a nice evolution on the tower defense formula, and the enemy waves are designed to keep you moving the characters for your best defense. The levels are also made for iOS, so that they’re quick hitting action packed challenges rather than the traditional methodical nature of tower defense. You can complete most levels in under a minute if you’re good, as the mice come in big numbers at a rapid pace. All of the action is presented with a beautiful mishmash of colors with some psychedelic tendencies that flourish with 3D details.

There’s a lot to like in Lumo’s Cat with a fun loving take on strategy. The game does have some problems as it trips over the free to play integration. There’s a convoluted level set-up that revolves around using food items and glasses of milk to play a given level. There’s no clear progression as different foods unlock different levels, and you need to spend glasses of milk to advance to all new levels beyond just changing difficulty. The milk is the in-game currency, and after you use a food item once, you need milk to restore it, or wait for it to replenish. There are long timers, and the cost of milk adds up quick with each new level costing milk, and you always need to replenish the food. The core gameplay is enjoyable, and yet the main challenge comes from getting to new levels.

Lumo’s Cat (Free, Universal) delivers an entertaining strategy game that trips up on freemium mechanics, but is still worth picking up for the compelling strategy challenge and excellent design.

Free, Universal


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