MacGuffin’s Curse – A Howling Good Time Throughout

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 5/5

Engaging gameplay & storyline | Excellent design | Tons of depth | Great touch controls

A bit tedious at some stretches | A few slow moving parts

What happens when you cross werewolves, puzzles, and adventures? You get MacGuffin’s Curse, which we’ve been following for over a year now. It’s finally available, and it really is unlike anything else in the App Store because of the sheer depth, style, and intricate gameplay. You play as Lucas MacGuffin, a small time thief, who steals an ancient amulet, and places it around his neck. He can’t get it off, and the amulet can transfer him into a Werewolf in the moonlight. Now you need to help Lucas get the amulet off, and take down a criminal mastermind in the process while using the abilities of man and werewolf.

The game is composed of a series of rooms, and each room takes a bit of logic to get out of. There are 150 rooms overall, and you’ll need to transform between man and werewolf multiple times to solve the given puzzle layout. Each room is full of switches, laser guarded fences, battery packs, concrete, boxes, and floor triggers and some aspects can only be handled by either man or werewolf. For instance, you can hop through a window as a man, and use a button array. Then you need to switch to werewolf to break through concrete and move the boxes and battery packs.

The gameplay is simply superb to keep you thoroughly engaged so that you want to move on to the next room. The difficulty curve increases perfectly for everyone to be challenged, but never overwhelmed. There’s also an optional hint system just in case you get stuck, but also can be ignored for extra challenge. MacGuffin’s Curse also features an excellent hand drawn art design across each room, character, and comic strip of the story. Speaking of the story, it’s superbly written to provide comedy, and unveil the intricate storyline with multiple personalities. The touch based control system is also excellent, you tap on objects, drag one finger to move, and drag with two fingers to push an object.

MacGuffin’s Curse ($1.99, Universal) is the total package with each element working together so well to provide a throughly enjoyable iOS experience that you’ll want to complete. Once you begin, you’ll be hooked to the end, and there’s such an intricate journey to interact with. MacGuffin’s Curse is a must buy that is one of the best adventure games in the App Store, and a howling good time.


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2 Comments on "MacGuffin’s Curse – A Howling Good Time Throughout"

  1. Diane C. April 22, 2012 at 3:05 PM -

    This game is a box-pushing puzzler, NOT an adventure game! Anyone expecting this to be another Broken Sword or Syberia will be sorrily disappointed. That said, it’s a great box-pushing puzzler with story elements and great graphics.

    • Trevor Sheridan April 23, 2012 at 9:28 AM -

      It’s actually a box pushing adventure. The adventure aspect relates to one of the most deluxe storyline on iOS as well as the inner working parts of traveling to various locations and competing quests. Block pushing puzzle relates to the base gameplay, while adventure relates to what the gameplay achieves. It’s not a point and click adventure like Broken Sword, but point and click is very rudimentary, and both games share the adventure storyline and overall goals. No matter how you slice it though, its a great gaming experience, and we hope you enjoy.

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