Mad Bullets – Trigger Happy Fun For Everyone

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Fast paced fun | Effortless to play | Surprising amount of variety | Great style

A bit on the simple side | Not the greatest long term duration


Get your trigger finger ready, as there’s a shootout happening on your iOS device in the new game Mad Bullets. It’s a fast paced arcade shooter, which lets you tap to shoot as you take on all kinds of enemies with a Wild West theme. The game is designed with ties to classic arcade games, as well as carnival shooting galleries, just made for touch. There’s an on rails style as you walk down Old Western streets, and various characters pop out, either highlighted in red, or green to depict if they’re enemy, or not.
Mad Bullets is an endless high score challenge as you have three lives, and try to stay alive by shooting any enemy that appears on screen. You also want to shoot them before they shoot you, but you also have the chance to shoot away enemy fire with the same tap to shoot style. It’s simply fast paced fun as you’re frantically tapping on anything that pops up, while still not being too trigger happy to let friendly citizens pass through. One of the best parts of the game is that it isn’t just the same set-up every time out, and instead there’s nice variety to keep things fresh. There seems to always be a unique pattern to the streets you walk down, and the way the enemies appear. Not only that, but there are also new environments with unique challenges that appear as you survive to reach them.

All of the action is depicted with a humorous, and finely polished art style that also offers up some 3D perspective. When enemies fire upon you, the bullets fly toward you with actual depth, and when you blast enemies away, they shatter into wood shards. It all just combines to create a game that is easy to just keep playing, and you’re ready to restart the second that you lose. You can aim for bonus head shots, as well as barrels which can hold coins, and power-ups. Once you start the game, it’s non-stop action with a whole lot happening on screen at once, to keep you constantly engaged, and challenged. The game is free to play with just ads, as well as currency to speed up upgrades, or get temporary boosts.

Mad Bullets (Free, Universal) is fun above all else to offer finely crafted arcade shooting action, fitted nicely to iOS for a great pick-up.


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