Major Magnet – Trying To Latch On, But Misses The Mark

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 2.5/5

Easy to pick up and play | Plenty of content | High quality artwork & audio

Passive gameplay | Tedious level design | Controls can be unresponsive, and imprecise

There are all kinds of super heroes, but Major Magnet is quite unique as his super power relies on magnetism. Convenient for our hero, the city he needs to save is filled with magnetic points to latch on to. Major Magnet is a new iOS game that relies on a swinging mechanic similar to On the Hop, etc, etc. In this case, you tap on magnetic points to be reeled in, and then spin around those points until you tap to let go slinging on ahead.

The mechanic makes for an interesting platformer that is filled with speed as you catapult into each magnetic point trying to maintain momentum. If you ever get off course, or need to reach a special area, there’s also the ability to swipe to perform a turbo boost in the direction you swipe. It all combines together for an action packed platformer that is all about flow as you pick-up collectibles as you’re flying through the air, and the collectibles also indicate the path forward. Each level also featured a hidden token to discover, and the main collectibles allow for deluxe combos.

There are 60 levels across six worlds with each one introducing a new special element to contend with just like the classic platformers. Speaking of which, Major Magnet combines a few elements of the classics into one, and then applies the magnetic swinging mechanic. The only problem is that the controls aren’t that fine tuned so the game doesn’t seem to recognize your swipes and magnetic taps every time. Also, there isn’t the most precision as the game is simply about timing at tapping to release at the right time. It’s also been seen so many ways before in the likes of Leap Worm, AstronutRocket BunniesOn The Hop, Dizzypad, Captain Ludwig, Mr. Ninja, Jump O’ Clock, and more with all of them delivering a tediousness in slinging around planets.

Major Magnet ($0.99, iPhone) doesn’t get out of its own way, and feels like just another also ran in the genre despite the neat theme, potential for speed, and high quality design. It’s also worth noting that although the game is set-up for speed, and flow the level design just doesn’t lend itself for either.


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