Man of Steel – Power of Superman At Your Fingertips

3.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 2.5/5

Power of superman at your fingertips | Easy to pick up and play | High quality 3D design

Would benefit greatly from adventure elements | Awfully repetitive | Story mode less than an hour


Superman may be the most well known superhero around with that red cape, blue suit, and big “S” across the chest. The Man of Steel is now out in theaters, and there’s an iOS game to go along with it allowing you to play as the Kryptonian with all of his skills. The power of Superman is at you fingertips in this new 3D combat game that lets you swipe to lay a beat down on General Zod and his forces. Man of Steel is instantly familiar to Infinity Blade, but it’s also a lot like Batman Arkham City Lockdown, as well as Avengers Initiative, and even Injustice. It seems 3D combat games can only come in one form on iOS, all based on what Chair Entertainment started with their swipe based combat system in Infinity Blade.
The heart of the game is the Story mode with a storyline that is loosely based on the movie, and essentially just focuses on the combat sequences in Smallville. There’s a multi-level set-up with each one consisting of a few enemies to take down with swipes, dodges, and blocks. You start off by dodging an attack, and then you can go on the offensive to try to break any enemy’s shield to then knock them into the surroundings. The game definitely delivers the over the top combat nature of the film as you punch enemies into tanks, buses, oil tanks, and through buildings. There are also sequences that you can toss enemies into the air to fly to a new area, and occasionally you get to grab an enemy and fly through wreckage for extra destruction.

There’s a smooth difficulty curve for each new enemy, to coincide with the pace that you can upgrade Superman’s abilities. You also have two special abilities at your disposal with laser vision and faster than a speeding bullet punch attack. The game is a lot like Avengers Initiative in giving you that intense power of either Hulk, or in this case Superman at your fingertips. It can feel good pounding an enemy into submission with such devastating punches. The game can be quite a stress reliever, and there’s a survival mode in addition to the story for just endless combat. The problem with the story mode is that it is essentially endless combat as you simply go from fight to fight. There are virtually no variations in the base formula leading to quite a bit of repetition.
Each battle plays out almost exactly the same to the point that you’re monotonously swiping on the screen. The game does look good in motion, and the screenshots don’t do it justice, but the best part of the graphics may be the moving surroundings. The main drawback is that you can blow through the story mode in under an hour, and the survival mode simply offers more of the same. There’s no doubt that Man of Steel the game is basic, but it’s still engaging enough to entice you to play through the entire storyline. The game is begging for an adventure feel, kind of like what the developers, Phosphorus Games, have done with Dark MeadowHorn, and even the new World War Z movie tie-in game. Without it, you’re left with a new age arcade brawler that is another poor attempt at a Superman game, considering other iOS games out there these days.

Man of Steel ($2.99, iPhone / $4.99, iPad) is too simple to recommend, but it still provides some mindless fun making it worth considering depending on how much you like brawler games and Superman.


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