Marvel Contest Of Champions – Marvel Working On An iOS Injustice

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3/5

Ornate, and authentic 3D Marvel characters | Great campaign mode | Easy to play

Relatively simplistic gameplay | Gameplay becomes quite repetitive


Do you remember that game where you got to fight with all of those DC Super Heroes, called Injustice Gods Among Us? Marvel sure did, and now they have released Marvel Contest of Champions, which is essentially Injustice, but replacing the DC characters, with Marvel characters. We wish we could say it’s more, but that still isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Now instead of Superman, Batman, and The Flash, you get to play as Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, Wolverine, and many more. More Marvel characters are probably more widely known thanks to the numerous movies, and Marvel Content of Champions takes full advantage of that.
You can’t help, but like seeing Spider-Man take on Hulk, Wolverine going against Thor, or Ironman battling Star Lord. It’s great to see thanks to the outstanding 3D graphics engine with such ornate, and authentic designs applied to the well known Marvel characters. It’s not just the heroes, as the villains are included as well, and there are iconic locations to battle in. Through it all, it’s classic arcade combat, but with taps, and swipes to K.O. the opponent. Marvel Contest of Champions is definitely simpler than Injustice with just one type of swipe attack, and fewer potential moves. Also, even though you have a team of three going into each battle, you can’t swap them during the fight like in Injustice, and instead only go to a different character in each new fight, or if one of your characters gets knocked out.

There’s an actual storyline in Marvel Contest of Champions that revolves around The Collector giving you access to the heroes in a battle with Kang the Conqueror. Both you, and Kang are using the different Marvel heroes to your advantage, and there are multiple quest levels, and chapters to conquer. There’s an expansive cast of characters, but very rudimentary gameplay to the point that most battles play out identically. No matter who’s fighting, it’s still the same frantic swiping, and tapping with timed blocking, heavy attacks, and special skills thrown in. There are different character classes that match up to give advantages, but that doesn’t change the core gameplay. Since Marvel Contest of Champions is on the simple side in terms of what you can do, it becomes repetitive that much quicker. It seems to be designed to make it as accessible as possible, akin to World of Warriors, which limits the long term engagement.
As you would expect, the game is free to play just like Injustice. There are multiple forms of in-app currency to help you upgrade your characters, heal them, replenish your energy, and of course buy new characters quicker. The free to play aspects aren’t as in your face as you would expect, and you can simply enjoy the quest mode completely for free. Even the energy meter replenishes at a rate that you don’t notice it, and you can easily get by with the characters, and upgrades you unlock within the flow of the game. The healing is the only thing that gets in the way, and there’s still a lot of different ways to earn items to avoid paying. It takes a long time getting into the game before any of the freemium aspects become noticeable.

Marvel Contest of Champions (Free, Universal) gives you a familiar game that leverages familiar characters to give you free fighting fun that anyone can enjoy. It’s not the most complex, or thought provoking game, but it’s still enjoyable to play, and see combat from great Marvel characters. Marvel Contest of Champions is worth picking up, though it still depends on your love of Marvel characters, and relative fill of Injustice.

Free, Universal


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